Anna Lax Weichert

Anna Lax Weichert

Location: Germany

Vita and Statement

Born and raised in Germany. Since a young age, I have always had a formidable desire to paint.
Supported by my father, a Professor for architecture and influenced by the aesthetic feeling and understanding of art by my mother.
I finished high school with best marks in arts. After my studies of veterinary medicine and many years in this profession, where i drew portraits mostly from animals for clients, I returned to my first love, art in 2017. Last year I came with two suitcase to New York City. My first exhibition at Agora Gallery, New York City. Now I live in New York City,Philadelphia and Germany.

1963 born in Karlsruhe, Germany
1983 graduated High School in Art
1985 - 1992 Study of Veterinary Medicine, Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover
1994 - 2016 Veterinary Practice
1997 - 2017 Teacher for Classical Dressage Riding
1994 - 2016 Part time Artist
Since 2017 Full Time Artist


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