Mari Hiraga

Mari Hiraga

Location: Japan

Mari Hiraga, Sculptor

After graduating from Osaka University of Arts, her works have been exhibited both domestically and internationally.
Upon acquiring welding skills, she resumed her artistic activities, exploring new styles of expressions.
Based on her original poetry, she continues to express the human world through nature with anthropomorphism, and uses her unique techniques and materials to create works.

HP :


Richness of Creativity

Feeling the aesthetic consciousness, inspired imagination and five senses, unique movements and stillness, beauty in each moment, ever-changing shapes, pleasant world of mysterious profundity and lingering memory floating which goes beyond time and space, a healing, spiritual elevation, wrapped in rich spirituality, not simply something new.
These are the creativity the sculptor is looking for.


Size: 91×91×4 (cm)
Media: Mixed media
Created: 2023

Memories are Ties.
Assuming that memory is a collective entity composed of multiple intertwined fragments, the nerve cells that govern memory themselves bear a striking resemblance to its structure and exhibit a correlation.
These can be likened to wrinkles etched with the passage of time, as well as crossroads in one's life.
Along with the concept that life also circulates in the flow of memories and people, Hiraga projects the blossoms of memory, vast and boundless as the universe, into her artworks.