Sebök Ferenc

SEBÖK Ferenc

Location: Hungary


Tracing boards

Paintings concerning tracing board for different Lodges in Europe

Third degree Tracing Board “Third degree Tracing Board”

Tracing Board to the Lodge Saint Charles de la Parfaite Harmonie

Le Tertre “Le Tertre”

Tracing board for a belgian Lodge

First Degree SGLH “First Degree SGLH”

Tracing Board of the Grand Lodge of Budapest

L'Acacia m'est connu “L'Acacia m'est connu”

Tracing board of the third degree of a belgian Lodge

La Voie des Trois vertus “La Voie des Trois vertus”

Tracing Board of a Lodge in Sedan (F)

Eagle of Pathmos “Eagle of Pathmos”

Tracing Board of a flemish Lodge

Les Sept Piliers “Les Sept Piliers”

Tracing Board of the second degree (Belgium)

Compagnon “Compagnon”

Tracing Board II for Fellows

Hiram's death “Hiram's death”

Tracing Board to be seen at freemasons' Hall London