Marianna Venczak

Marianna Venczak

Location: Hungary

Artist, since 1993 graphic artist, illustrator, painter. Each picture is made with mixed technique of own development: waterproof ink, aquarelle, cold enamel. National Association of Lovers of Art - Member of Presidency From 2002. Member of the National Association of Fine Arts

Since 2000: Collective Exhibition each year at the Pataky Community Centre in Budapest, Hungary


AKO Ltd. Book illustrations in the Book of Hungarian wines; Christmas illustration for ABB Power Ltd.; The 135 years old Yacht Club corporate image illustration, Balatonfured, Hungary


UNESCO - Terezvaros Millennium medallion, Podmaniczky Gallery, Budapest, Hungary;International Association of Hungarian Writers National Tale Illustration competition: first prize and Extra Award; Corporate Illustrations for SALDO Corporation, Budapest, Hungary; Miklos Zsuga: Troll ball in the forest - story-book illustration, Varga Publishing House, Eger, Hungary; National Milky Way Tour logo, upon request of the Hungarian Parliament, Budapest, Hungary


Picture 'The Evening': The painting has won the extra award of the Hamza Museum and Jazygian Gallery, in the competition ,Akos D. Hamza was born 100 years ago'. The painting is the gallery's property.; 4th International Contemporary Art Exhibition Tokaj, Hungary;Danube Yacht Club logo, Budapest, Hungary


Perspective: Island Festival, Village of health, Budapest, Hungary


'Lyrics Metro' illustrations, Budapest, Hungary; Ticket Tout corporate identity, Szentendre, Hungary


Separate Exhibition of Tale Illustration in the Playhouse of Angyalf??ld, Budapest, Hungary; Separate Exhibition of Tale Illustration in the Mill Park, Debrecen, Hungary; 108th Fieracavalli (the largest International horse trade show) in Verona, Italy- Hungarian cover design; Manger of Bethlehem: collective Christmas exhibition in Vajdahunyad Castle, Budapes, Hungary


Continuous online presence in the EUART Museum, Sweden; Different Perspectives: continuous online presence, Hungary

2008: continuous online presence;Selected among the best (TOP100) Hungarian artists; 'Flowery Kalotaszeg' art and craft exhibition: 1st prize for Legenyes picture, House of Hungarian Culture the picture has been in their possession ever since


Adventures of the Rabbits - story-book illustration, Sesare Publishing, Hungary; Continuous online presence on the following sites: http:// Http://


The Bread: International Exhibition at the National Agricultural Library and Documentation Centre, Budapest, Hungary
Participation at EXPO SANTA FE ST FRANCIS HOTEL OCTOBER 22-23-24: Santa Fe is the second largest art market in the United States. ART is the only industry of Sante Fe. People come from all over the world just to buy art. There are 300 galleries in Santa Fe. 100 galleries on one street. New Mexico
EXPO ALBUQUERQUE 2000, OCTOBER 30-31: Scheduled right after the Expo Santa Fe, this event at the Albuquerque Hotel introduced WAF members to gallery curators, art collectors and art lovers. New Mexico
International Contemporary artists - Volume I. International art book Museum quality printing - Full Color
Released Date: October 2010
WAF EXPO VEGAS III December 3-5, 2010 Las Vegas, Nevada
HUMILIATED ANGELS EXHIBITION AND SALE NOVEMBER 5-12, 2010 Sensitive artists with anti-violent message to exhibit their creations at the Global Art Gallery in Santa Fe, starting November 5-12, 2010. New Mexico


Creative GENIUS collectible global ARTBOOK Estimated book realize 4th quarter 2010 /1st quarter 2011. 25000 copies, hardcover, art paper. Edited and published by World of Art in cooperation with Art Addiction Gallery >>

The Caprice Bar 9th Female Artist's Art Annual Diploma of Excellence (Honourable Award) - London, Art Addiction Gallery

Carnevale di Venezia International Juried Art Exhibition 8 th -21 st February, 2011. Vienna Travel Gallery Wiedner Hauptstra├če 152 / 3 A - 1050 Vienna, Austria

Appear in Harvests of New Millennium to be released in Feb. 2011. by CYBERWIT India

Broadway Gallery, New York March 15 th - April 1 st , 2011 International Artist At Home & Abroad Exhibition. Sponsored by New York Arts Magazine & Art Fair International

International Artist At Home & Abroad Exhibition in editorail on the site

Carnevale de Venezia exhibition in editorail on the site

PRINT EXHIBIT PROJECT 2011 sponsored by TECAP 26th March - 8th April, 2011 Toronto, Canada, Ben Navaee Gallery

Erotik al Dente-International Juried Art Exhibition in Vienna Travel Gallery 14th. - 10th. May, 2011 Vienna, Wiedner Haupstr. 152., Austria

1 year Representation from April 2011 in New York by Amsterdam Whitney Gallery June 3 - July 5, 2011 Exhibition in Amsterdam Whitney Gallery. Opening Party reception: Thursday, June 9th



Marianna Venczak original signed watercolour painting

watercolour painting

 The Caprice Bar “ The Caprice Bar”

Made: 2010
Size: 222x156 mm
Watercolor, Mixed technic, pen and cold gold enamel on paper

 Jazz “ Jazz”

Made: 2010
Size: 163x222 mm
Watercolour, pen and cold gold enamel on paper

 The Saviour “ The Saviour”

Made: 2011
Size: 210x297 mm
Watercolour, pen and cold gold enamel on paper

 Eden “ Eden”

Made: 2011
Size: 210x297 mm
Watercolour, pen and cold gold enamel on paper

 Desire “ Desire”

Made: 2011
Size: 210x297 mm
Watercolour, pen and cold gold enamel on paper

 Erotica “ Erotica”

Made: 2011
Size: 210x297 mm
Watercolour, pen and cold gold enamel on paper

 The Woman “ The Woman”

Made: 2011
Size: 170x292 mm
Watercolor, pen and cold gold enamel mixed technic

 Back to the Music “ Back to the Music”

Made: 2010
Size: 150x230 mm
watercolour, pen and cold gold enamel on paper

 Arrival “ Arrival”

Made: 2011
Size: 210x297 mm
Watercolour, pen and cold gold enamel on paper

Carnival “Carnival”

Made: 2011
Size: 245x160 mm
Watercolor, pen and cold gold enamel, glass on paper - mixed technic

Charleston “Charleston”

Made: 2009
Size: 210x297 mm
Watercolour, pen and cold gold enamel on paper

Moments “Moments”

Made: 2000
Size:297x420 mm
Watercolour, pen and cold gold enamel on paper

 Impressions of the Andrassy street “ Impressions of the Andrassy street”

Made: 2022
Size: 135x200 mm
Watercolor, mixed technic, pen and cold gold enamel on paper

 The Hungarian Fallow “ The Hungarian Fallow”

Made: 2002
Size: 240x380 mm
Watercolour, pen and cold gold enamel on paper - mixed technic

Endre Ady: The Hungarian fallow

I walk on meadows run to weed,
on fields of burdock and of mallow.
I know this rank and ancient ground -
this is the Magyar fallow.

I bow down to the sacred soil;
this virgin ground is gnawed, I fear.
Hey, skyward groping seedy weeds,
are there no flowers here?

While I look at the slumbering earth,
the twisting vines encircle me,
and scents of long dead flowers steep
my senses amorously.

Silence. I am dragged down and roofed
and lulled in burdock and in mallow.
A mocking wind flies whisking by
above the mighty fallow.