Tony Podue

Art has always been a part of Tony’s life, as he used to sit and watch his father paint the scenic and spectacular images of the San Pedro and its’ harbor. Tony painted his first oil painting on canvas at the age of six, as his father provide inspiration, canvas, paint and brushes.
Tony has been the recipient of more than 600 art awards from competitions throughout Southern California, the nation, and internationally, and was one of the featured artist’s in the “Faces and Places” book of San Pedro published in 2005 by follow artist Debbie Marr.
Tony served four terms as President of the Orange Art Association where he has been recognized as a Hall of Famer for Artist Achievement, on his 4th term as President of the Anaheim Art Association, earning Artist of the Year 8 times, currently serving in his first term as the President of the Huntington Art League, where he has achieved Masters Classification.
Although Tony has worked in virtually every medium, he prefers to paint in acrylics and oils because of the vibrant colors and infinite pallets. He likes to work in a realism style, focusing on composition, the proper use of color and discipline to thoroughly execute each piece. This presents the greatest challenge and offers the greatest reward and personal satisfaction when successfully achieved.


Acrylics & Oils

The Painter I Used To Be “The Painter I Used To Be”

This painting shows how I made my living after high school, and lead me to the artist I've become today.

Angelsgate Lighthouse “Angelsgate Lighthouse”

This painting dipictes the Angelsgate Lighthouse that stands on guard and greets all the ships coming into the Port of Los Angeles.

Hotel Cabrillo And The Happy Diner “Hotel Cabrillo And The Happy Diner”

This is an old Hotel near the Beacon Street area of San Pedro built back in 1923.