Artist Cornelia Steckhan

Artist Cornelia Steckhan

Location: Germany

Cornelia Steckhan Horn – Corky Art Conceptual Artist
Featured Artist from Munich Germany.
Cornelia Steckhan Horn is a Romanian-born German artist who residents in Munich - Germany and Imperial Beach - California.

Background, Studies:
High school and Baccalaureate Diploma in Bucharest - Romania
Marketing in Munich and in Plymouth, United Kingdom.
Art at the Hamburg Academy, Germany.

Cornelia lives and paints in Munich, Germany and Imperial Beach, California.
The German artist’s seemingly simplistic paintings reveal an incredible sophistication expressing her emotional experience versus physical reality. Starting late in the world of art after a successful business career, Cornelia’s paintings depict her subjective emotions and responses that arise from her personal experiences.
She has made a massive impact on the art world in a short time with her expressionist paintings.
She created and applied a New Painting Trend of Cosalien (Cosmos+alien)
(Patent protect exists)
The term futurism comes from the Latin futurum (future). The artist breaks with everything she sees as obsolete and traditional. She tries to set a new art trend.
According to the futuristic artist, "art" is supposed to correspond to actual life rather than to reflect the past. Imitation of the past, whether as a theme or a motif, should be avoided, since it does not correspond to the originality and the time appropriately.
Futurism frowned upon the old beauty ideals and sought "its" beauty ideals in speed and dynamics, cosmos, alien, futurology, science. On the other hand, if we look at their new images, we see a completely different cosmos. It is a cosmos in unfolding, in constant change, an open cosmos of infinite diversity.
Cornelia travels extensively, absorbing art and architecture from the various cultures. She is an Conceptual Artist abstract painter and photographer inspired by color, pattern, texture, and light. She is not committed to a genre. A lot of ideas and concepts growing in her mind. For example, the protection of the environment and wildlife, universe and aliens, faces and eyes, landscapes and many others.
Thoughts she takes from her travels and brings them with every stroke of her brush to the canvas.
With great success and recognition in California, Cornelia also taught to paint for the elderly and for children, even for autistic kids. It gave her pleasure to see with what eagerness even handicapped children were at work.
She had many exhibitions in Imperial Beach, Coronado, two times at Little Italy Art Walk San Diego, The In Gallery of Irina Negulescu San Diego, Murietta - California; Phoenix - Arizona - USA; Following successful showings and exhibitions in Ensenada - Mexico; Bogenhausen, Down Town, Olympic Park Munich - Germany; Bucharest - Romania; Florence - Italy; Calpe - Spain; Hambantota - Sri Lanka; Burj Khalifa, Armani Hotel – Dubai (wining the Global Art Award for Coceptual Art ) - United Arab Emirates; 2020 WORLD OF ART ; MOMA: MUSEUM OF MODERN ART; NEW YORK. Again in Florence - Italy; Palm Jumeirah Island, MGallery Retreat Hotel – Dubai;
New York City - USA; Rome - Italy; Monte Carlo - Principality of Monaco; Milan - Italy; Bad Toelz - Germany; Finalist in The 2nd Global Art Awards Palm Jumeirah, Hotel FIVE Penthouse - Dubai; Kolkata, West Bengal - India; Onboard the ship Queen Elizabeth II - Dubai; The second time in Hambantota - Sri Lanka; Siam Hotel Belek Turkey; Dubai and Umm al Quwain - UAE; And once more in Calpe - Spain. Kerala Indien; Sri Lanka Wadduwa; Art Exhibition San Remo 2023 -9-16, Art Exhibition Monte Carlo 2023-9 -18. Art Exhibition Castello di Belgioioso November 25th to 26th, 2023 , Pavia Italy.

I love to share my imagination and feelings through my paintings, and I am inspired by everything I encounter on this incredible journey of life.
My paintings are not finished and fixed, they change to the same extent as the thoughts. When they are finished, they continue to change according to the mood of the viewer. I do paint the things as in my flow of thoughts, not as I see them.

Cornelia Steckhan is proud to got many awards and recognitions e.g.:
Featured International Artist, San Diego, California, USA, February 2014
Master of Contemporary Art, Florence, Italy, May 27th 2016
Winner of The Global Art Awards Conceptual Art, Dubai, November 17th 2017
Leonardo Da Vinci International Prize, Florence, Italy, January 20th 2018
Master of Modern Art, New York City, USA, April 27th 2018
Giulio Cesare Award, Rome, Italy, July 7th 2018
Int. Award Caravaggio Great Master of Art, Milan, Italy, December 7th 2018
Guest of Honour at Athari Fine Arts Center during Samarchita “Alluring Festivity of Authentic Arts” at Habitat School, Umm al Quwain, UAE, November 23rd 2019. Artavita Contest 2023-7 Finalist. Art Contest 2023 -16 september in Monte Carlo with “Castello di Belgioioso” prize ( Conceptual Art – Dog )

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Featured artist Cornelia Steckhan - corky art

Who couldn’t use a little more luxury in their life “Who couldn’t use a little more luxury in their life”

Conceptual Art, Sri Lanka
Dimensions width 75 cm and high 100 cm
Featured Artist Cornelia Steckhan Horn.

Painting on canvas, acrylic paints. Just like that I use several layers of paint.Sunset and trees in the evening in exotic light.


Conceptual art, Twitter
Dimensions width 120 cm and high 80 cm
Featured Artist Cornelia steckhan Horn - Corky art.
Painting on canvas, acrylic paints with special gold paints, painted with very many layers.
I painted my painting Twitter long before Elon Musk bought Twitter and got banned a few times. As you can see the bird has a closed beak. Through this painting i tell a long story .

Conceptual art, the power of plants. “Conceptual art, the power of plants.”

Conceptual art, the power of plants.
Dimensions width 75 cm and high 100 cm
Featured Artist Cornelia Steckhan Horn.
Painting on canvas, acrylic paints. Just like that I use several layers of paint.
In this painting I am interested in how color affects mood and thoughts. Expression and vitality over perfection.

Conceptual art,Family with dog  “Conceptual art,Family with dog ”

Featured Artist Cornelia Steckhan Horn - Corky art.
Conceptual art.
Family with dog unfortunately in danger of disappearing. My trip to the Orient made it clear to me that family plays a major role for many people there. Not so in Europe anymore.

Familie mit Hund leider vom Verschwinden bedroht. Meine Reise in den Orient hat mir deutlich gemacht, dass die Familie dort für viele Menschen eine große Rolle spielt. Nicht mehr so in Europa.

Storm Conceptual art “Storm Conceptual art ”

Late evening storm and light flooding in Sri Lanka by the sea.
After 10 days of continuous rain then came light flooding.
Am späten Abend Sturm und leichte Überschwemmung in Sri Lanka am Meer. Nach 10 Tagen Dauerregen kam es dann zu leichten Überschwemmungen.

Conceptual Art, Dog “Conceptual Art, Dog”

Featured Artist Cornelia Steckhan Horn.
Conceptual art, abstract painting, Dog May 2017,in motion,when running, the colors in the sun are completely different from normal dog colors. The painting shows the dog running very fast when pursued. I show in my painting a sense of movement in connection with fantasy of animals, plants, nature.
Corky Art