Turgeon Madeleine

Turgeon Madeleine

Location: Canada

Born in Montreal in 1961, she lives in St-Lazare, Québec since 1995, a green city, known for its charm. Madeleine Turgeon is an expressionist, a colourist with a great deal of sensitivity and an unconditional lover of nature and poetry. She provides an expressive composition full of rhythm, where aesthetics is foremost, like a mosaic. She inspires herself from the complexity of nature, as it is wild and untameable. She continues to rediscover it through its permanence as well as its continuous renewal. The expression of emotions and feelings is more important for her than copying of real subjects. She distorts reality with her imagination to bring out the essence and the emotion.

She studied and worked in agronomy at McGill University before training in visual arts at the Ontario College of Art & Design University in Toronto. Synchronicity has applied. In a parallel direction, she has worked simultaneously as a painter and designer in graphic design and communications. Several group exhibitions and solo demonstrate her artistic career. Recipient of awards in art visuals, her works is shown nationally and internationally and her paintings can be found in numerous private collections.

« It is obvious to me that art must be moving constantly in effervescence and questioning the established rules. We must nourish our understanding of the world, cultivating creativity while weaving the threads of the past to make the fabric of our future. »


Between sky & earth serie

Latest mosaic & works sol exhibit at Mosaikashop, in Montreal

Concession “Concession”

« Hope sweat on the forehead, they laid the groundwork and decrypt space. »
48'' x 60'' (122 cm x 152 cm)

In search for time I “In search for time I”

(En quête de temps I)
20 x16 in

In search for time II “In search for time II”

(En quête de temps II)
20 x16 in

Against all odds “Against all odds”

Contre-toute attente
Ceramic, glass tesserae, copper, metal,
epoxy, gold leaves and found objects
43 x 57 po (109 x 145 cm)

Wandering and nymphaeas “Wandering and nymphaeas”

acrylic, hand-made paper, gold leaves on canevas
36 po x 30,5 po (91 cm x 77,5 cm)

Bien et mal de mer “Bien et mal de mer”

Ceramic, glass tesseraes, recycled objects, beads, gold leaf and vine shoots on driftwood
48 x 30 x 2 po (122 x 76,2 x 5 cm)