Ruth Hazi


Location: Israel


Desert and Seas

Texture fascinates me. It exists everywhere. In a peeling wall, in wrinkled skin, in natureā€¦ Layers and empty spaces tell stories. It is the unseen places that I want to highlight and share. Give them a voice.
The desert is my home. It yields treasures. A vast language of textures that continues or begins a story.
My sculptures deals with stretching the boundaries of natural processes of matter. Of the connection between solid and fragile. Between balance and imbalance. An investigation of changing laws and creating a new reality that tells a story.
In the recent years, I grew more concerned with issues such as global warming, violence and conflicts between people. My work deals with these issues through projects of rejuvenating coral reefs in the red sea as well as projects of defying violence.
I mostly make one-of-the-kind artworks using combined techniques:
Slabs, coils, making press molds and wheelwork.
The sculptures often fired multiple times, exploring the strength relation between our interior and exterior worlds.

Coral Bleaching “Coral Bleaching”

The value of healthy reefs extends far beyond economics.
Healthy coral reefs are the first line of defense for millions of coastal inhabitants globally. They reduce wave energy, act as barriers to storms, prevent catastrophic erosion and stave off flooding, particularly in small island states and atoll nations. Coral reefs are considered the rainforests of the ocean.
In this piece the fragility of balance is apparent. White corals are not a sign of health, rather, of bleaching dying corals. . Through awarness we can make changes. I hope and believe that art can help bring awareness and change.

In the midnight sun “In the midnight sun”

"In the midnight sun" was created at a woodfiring symposium in Kohila - Estonia. stoneware. Hand built. Fired to 1280c