Xuan Khanh Nguyen


Location: Unknown

About Xuan Khanh Nguyen
Fullname: Nguyen Xuan Khanh (Email: ngkhanhart@gmail.com). Born in 1976 in Vietnam. In my opinion, Fine arts is the way connected to spiritual cosmos and realistic life. It always reflects the consiousness world of an artist on the surface of canvas via colors, shapes, lining figures, etc. My art is picking-up from the real life with far-away dreams of a pure universe embedded in everybody's memory... With main purpose of only using a few colors, minimum concised lay-out and characters in order to express the maximum expressiveness and create one new view about realistic world...

2006-2010: Hanoi University of Fine Arts, Hanoi, Vietnam
1999-2002: Central College of Music and Fine Arts, Hanoi, Vietnam

2014 Dec.: Be featured on ART Web Radio at ARTwebradio.com
2013: Be favourite by www.paulittleman.com (Paul Ittleman Realty LLC), Florida, America.
Paintings have been exhibited in O.P Place, Bangkok, Thailand.
April/2008: Be introduced in “Dress my Nest” of Style Network, PB & J Television, Santa Monica, California, America.
There are many paintings in the individual collections in foreign countries like: America, Japan, Thailand, U.K., France, Spain, U.E.A., Italy, New Zealand, Switzerland, etc.

2014 Sep.: Exhibition of “CONTEMPORARY PAINTING” – Brick Lane Gallery, 96 Brick Lane, London, UK.
2012: Exhibition of “The days...” of Fine Arts Education Department - Hanoi University of Fine Arts.
2006-2010: Anual fine art exhibitions of Hanoi University of Fine Arts.
2007: Exhibition of Red river Fine Arts Award, Hanoi.
2002 Jan.: Exhibition of "Hello Spring" (Second prize), Hanoi.
2002 Oct.: Group exhibition of "Vietnam, My Country", Hanoi.
1999-2002: Anual Fine Arts exhibitions of Central College of Music and Fine Arts, Hanoi.


For winter (60x70 cm)

Vietnamese school girls in ao dai on the ancient square!

Go to school

The painting describes a group of school girls in white “Ao dai” (the tradditional long dress of Vietnamese woman)