Karen Chrisco

Karen Chrisco was encouraged to go back to school and get a degree by a co-worker. She spoke to her husband about it and the two decided that Karen Chrisco would start the next semester in Fine Art. Karen always loved to draw and color as a child and she said it made her feel closer to God. What better reason to choose a course of study.

Karen Chrisco is a Freelance Illustrator/Graphic Designer. Karen received her BA in Fine Art with a minor in Marketing, Cum Laude, in December 2013 from the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, AR. She has had several entries chosen at Light Space and Time Online Gallery, 2013- 2017, all being selected in the Special Recognition area. In October of 2015, a 3D piece made 5th place at Light Space and Time and during the same month she received a Certificate of Excellence 2D. In November of 2016, two of her pieces of artwork were selected to display in the 2nd Annual Art Teachers Exhibition, at the Argenta Branch Library, North Little Rock, AR. The Juror was Doug Bell. Also in November, Karen submitted and was selected to display 9 pieces of her artwork to Moore Art Supplies, ‘Small Works’ which was under consignment. In January of 2017, Karen’s body of artwork 9 pieces, were selected to go on display under consignment with no fee at, The Main Cheese Restaurant, in North Little Rock, AR. They are still on display at this time.

Karen has an exceptional eye for detail in her 2D Floral and Nature Scenes. She likes to zoom in very close to get the most out of the detail and then add her own touch. Karen has found a new interest in Bookart and she has become very good. She starts out with matching a book to a name or design. Then uses Photoshop by typing in the name on a pre-configured screen. The calculations must be spot on or it will mess the entire book up. She has a complete set of ‘The Armor of God.’ There are 8 large books, Britannica Book of the Year. One part of the Armor is so long, it took two books to finish it. The other books shown are of when Karen was starting out. Hope, Love, Peace, and Joy. The book ‘Joy’ was sold at The Moores Art Supply Consignment show. Karen has many that she given away as family/friend gifts, but also she has sold them for about $100 each. Another form of artwork she has become proficient in is using foam core as the medium and cutting out words and images. Once the image is done, she shines a light through the backside of the foam core and the light illuminates the words and images she has cut. One of her foam core pieces made it in the Light Space and Time competition 10/2015.

Karen has recently volunteered to paint a mural down the hallway of a new children’s Sunday school room area at her church where her husband preaches part-time. The name of the mural is ‘The Creation’. She has decided to start with the creation and lead into the exiting through the Red Sea then to end with all the children’s Bible stories on the other side of the hallway. She has also volunteered to tutor two children from her church, in art; once a month they get together and go over what they have practiced on and Karen this evaluates their work to decide if more practice is needed or if they can be introduced to a new area.

While Karen enjoys taking pictures of nature while adding special effects using her cell phone. Interestingly, Karen’s favorite media is gel pens, however, she has used many other types of media, and in several mediums like printmaking, contemporary art in 3D, foam core, whatever it takes to achieve the effect she desires. Karen thrives on the details of her work. Karen wants to be able to draw people in close to her work and discover something new each time, to get lost in the work. Karen says that God feels the same way about us…get lost in His work and you will be able to discover something new each time.



My abstract artwork are the most detailed of any pieces I have done.
All black and white media; I used black and white marker, black and white paint, black and white shoe polish, black and white nail polish, liquid white out, pepper mixed with flour and water, baking soda and baking powder mixed with a little water and blotted pieces of white paper towel for texture and when it dried, I painted over it with black indigo ink. I allowed white out to run its own course over the top of that. I used white and black puff paint mixed together to give it a different shade of white and just followed the lines over and over again. I then began to sew on it. I loved the look, so I sewed on it everywhere that I could. I used white and black thread and sewed following the lines that I made with the other media. The paper started to rip, so I taped the back of the it and sewed some more.
In the case of Tedious, Prismacolor pencil was used as the media. She wanted to use the pixel but just not any ordinary pixel, a triangle and of different sizes.
A Walk in the Park is the same way with pixels, only I chose ovals and hexagons.
I added New Media Art last minute it is the only graphic that I did on my own and doesn't have any work attached to it.

Build MeUp To Tear Me Down “Build MeUp To Tear Me Down”

35" x 49 1/2"
Heavy Paper
Mixed Media

Tedious “Tedious”

41" x 48"
Heavy Brown Butcher Paper

New Media Art “New Media Art”

24" x 18"
Layered Foamcore

A Walk in the Park “A Walk in the Park”

48" x 46"
Thick brown paper


Book art is a new found love for me.
I use Photoshop to locate the top and bottom folds of each page. You have to deal with the pixels of the letters or design. Then write down all the calculations. I use graph paper because it helps me to keep my place.
I will add more images later.

Lukah - Cover “Lukah - Cover”

Book Art
Folded Pages to make the baby boys name
Book decorated Fox and Friends

Armor of God “Armor of God”

Book Art - This the first in a series of the pieces of the Armor of God

Belt of Truth “Belt of Truth”

The second book in th series and the first piece of the Armor of God and holds all other pieces.


This portfolio contains artwork done with foam core. Images or letters and words are carved out at different depths to create different shades of shadow. One small drawing lead to a series of puzzle pieces that when placed together makes a cross.
Working with foam core and an exacto knife have become my best friends.

The Cross “The Cross”

8 pieces of 1/4" Foam Core in puzzle shapes put together
62" x 24" at bottom half
62" x 54" mid way at arms
Without light shining through the back

Speak the Truth “Speak the Truth”

1/4' Foam Core
3 puzzle pieces long - 24" x 66"
with light shining behind

1st Lent wo_light “1st Lent wo_light”

36" x 24" x .25"
Foam Core
No light

1st Lent with light “1st Lent with light”

36" x 24" x .25"
Foam Core
With light

2nd Lent without Light “2nd Lent without Light”

24" x 24" x .25"
Foam Core
Without Light

2nd Lent with Light “2nd Lent with Light”

24" x 24" x .25"
Foam Core
With Light


A different selection of flowers, using the filter on my phone camera. The camera is 5 years old, but because I can't find another phonee that has the same filters, I will continue to charge/use it.

Pansies and Tulips “Pansies and Tulips”

This picture was taken on the UCA Campus when I was walking to class. As you can see I used the filter again.

Flowers “Flowers”

This picture was taken of a Zinia trio. I waited several days for them to come in full bloom. I used my infamous filter on my phone. This is also my first picture taken like this, I still have the phone and still am able to use several items to help me.

Splendor “Splendor”

This flower continues to evade me. The petals are like feathers, which made it a little more difficult to draw.

Cannis “Cannis”

I love this flower, too. Originally they are all yellow and orange.

Blue Hibiscus “Blue Hibiscus”

In the beginning I had at lest a couple dozen pictures, but because I had to safe room, I had to delete a few.