Bojune Kwon

BoJune Kwon is a freelance and fine-art photographer with a solid professional background in commercial photography. As an artist, he has been deeply involved in landscape photography. He was born and grew up in South Korea, majoring in photography at Kyung-Il University, and recently graduated from New York City’s School of Visual Arts with a Masters degree in digital photography. Kwon’s artistic photographs have received awards in several international photography contests, including the Sappi/Magno Intensity Photographic Competition, Epson International
Photographic Pano Awards and Photographer’s Forum Contest.
Kwon’s passion for photography started with an analog camera when he was in high school. Fascinated by the medium’s imaginative and manipulative possibilities, he went on to embrace digital technology. He uses photography to restructure reality in accordance with his artistic vision. As a foreigner living in America, this allows him to share the sense of unfamiliarity he experiences with all viewers.


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