Sachiko Kodama

Sachiko Kodama

Location: Japan

Sachiko Kodama was born in Japan in 1970.

As a child she spent a lot of time in the southernmost part of Japan.This area is rich in tropical flowers and plants, edged by the sea, and washed with warm rain. Sachiko loved art and literature from an early age, but also had a strong interest in science.

After Graduating Physics course in the Department of Science at Hokkaido University, In 1993, Sachiko matriculated in the Fine Arts Department at the University of Tsukuba, studying Plastic Art and Mixed Media. Then she completed Master’s and Doctoral Program in Art and Design at the University of Tsukuba. She received Ph.D. in Art.

In 2000, Sachiko began work on a ferrofluid art project that she named “Protrude, Flow”.The main expressions of her ferrofluid sculpture can be seen in the generation of organic forms and movement using ferrofluid, to present growing forms, atrophy, rhythm, composition of curved surface and light, and other texture generation.
Furthermore, the contradictory nature of ferrofluid (hard/soft, beautiful/ugly, growth/atrophy, attraction/repulsion, and rise against gravity/fall due to gravity) can communicate similar contradictory concepts and ideas in living organisms.

Her work has been exhibited at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Wexner Center for the Arts/Columbus, Skirball Cultural Center/Los Angeles, The National Art Center/Tokyo, Reina Sofia National Museum/Madrid, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo.


Ferrofluid Sculpture

My “Morpho Tower” series began in 2005 as the first realization of “ferrofluid sculpture”.

Morpho Tower “Morpho Tower ”

Sachiko Kodama, Morpho Tower (Dark Red), 2015

Morpho Tower “Morpho Tower”

Sachiko Kodama, Morpho Tower (Pearl White) 2015
This is the latest edition in my Morpho Tower series. (Creation year: 2015)

Ribome “Ribome”

Sachiko Kodama "Ribome - ferrofluid sculpture" 2015

Ferrofluid Apple “Ferrofluid Apple”

Sachiko Kodama, Ferrofluid Apple, 2013.