Raj Bose

I am Raj Bose -an engineer by trade, but photography is my passion. I’m one of the fortunate few who has been privileged to travel around the world from childhood. These days my travel is for both work and pleasure.

Travelling to me is like a breath of fresh air which enlightens both my body and spirit. Because every country offers so much diversity in terms of geography, food, culture, dress and lifestyle; every trip to me is an incredible and invaluable experience.
It is through the lens that I am able to express myself. I consider myself mainly a travel photographer with a focus on nature, outdoor and people, although I also love taking portrait shots.
Please visit my website www.rajbose.com for more details.



Unknown Window “Unknown Window”

I took this shot in a small town in Austria while I was hiking in the Alps. This photo brings out the vibrant color of the beautiful houses in Austria.