Zach Christopher

Zach Christopher is a multi-media artist working with large scale photographic works, theatre, music and the written word. Zach’s main influence is the consistent search for visual form in its most vulnerable application. The ideology of form and content is one that can be as direct or ambiguous when attempting to extract responses from the viewer. In Zach’s work, there is an inherent truth for such ambiguity. The philosophical imperatives within the work are sound and formidable with acute precision to the overall bodies form and content.

“I am in a constant search for truth, at all costs, whenever I begin the concepts over a new body. This search never discontinues, at least not until the work is completed. The idea of completeness is truly only exemplified by the viewer, not myself, since it's out of my hands once I release the work. I choose to engage my aesthetics with photographic film because I am a technical purist. I consider myself to be a master technician in the use of light and shadow so I rarely use portable strobes, everything I visually work with is mainly illuminated through natural light. The addition of written narratives in my work are always there to either accompany the visual experience as an emotive transition, or directly create a written narrative that enhances the visual narrative.” - Zach Christopher

Zach Christopher resides in Florida. He has exhibited in New Mexico, Florida, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Kyoto, NYC, France and Portland.


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