Anne Connell

I live in the Western Cape of beautiful South Africa. Although we live in turbulent times, I still find this one of the most stunning places on this earth.
I am now 52 and have taken up watercolour art after about 30 years of not doing any art except the occasional sketches and odd requests from friends and family.
I find this an exciting medium.
I enjoy painting wildlife and people especially.


South African Wildlife

We have an abundance of wildlife in South Africa. Luckily there is a huge drive to preserve and protect it. Unfortunately there is still a lot of poaching happening.

Elephant Eye “Elephant Eye”

Small A5 watercolour and inks on 160g Prime Art Paper

Zebra Stallion Fight “Zebra Stallion Fight”

Zebras fighting their stripes off. Depicting the passion and furiosity of the fight for female possession during mating season.
300g Bockingford watercolour paper

Charging Elephant “Charging Elephant”

A4 210 x 297mm
300g Prime Art watercolour paper

Leopard & Cub “Leopard & Cub”

Watercolour and goldleaf
300g Prime Art watercolour paper

Leopard & Cub “Leopard & Cub”

Same art piece - just a high res scan which doesn't show up the goldleaf that well

Stalking Leopard “Stalking Leopard”

Small - A5 148x105mm
160g Prime Art Sketch/ink paper

Elephant Skull “Elephant Skull”

Watercolour & ink
160g Prime Art sketch/ink paper


General Wildlife

Blue Poison Dart Frogs “Blue Poison Dart Frogs”

A5 148x105mm
300g Prime Art watercolour paper

Red Poison Dart Frog “Red Poison Dart Frog”

A5 148x105mm
200g Prime Art watercolour paper

Toreador Bullfight “Toreador Bullfight”

<A4 - 185x275mm
300g bockingford watercolour paper