Carol Perron Sommerfield

I took a 34 year break from art as I pursued a successful career as a corporate executive. I returned to painting in 2010. As I picked up my paintbrushes again, I realized that my art was not only about capturing a moment in nature and time, but also about my own transition and change.

I use representational images as metaphors for themes I am experiencing in my life and work. I seek to evoke a new way of seeing beauty in what is often overlooked in our busy lives. I have a love affair with color and light, and use both to evoke mood in my oil, acrylic and pastel work. In my Abandoned series I have been focusing on forgotten structures and landscapes in Sullivan County, NY, where I have summered for the past 50 years.

I am an optimist and ultimately, regardless of topic, that attitude oozes out of my work. After 34 years of pent up desire to create art, I am exuberantly unleashed to make up for lost time.