Gia Bugadze

Gia Bugadze

Location: Georgia

“I am a professional artist, I am a professional teacher, I am a professional listener, I am a professional reader. Books and music are to me what buildings are to a city. Without them, art doesn’t grow inside me.” - Gia Bugadze

Gia Bugadze is a prolific contemporary Georgian artist.
Born in Tbilisi in 1956, the Gia Bugadze showed creative promise from an early age. Rather than following the well-beaten family path towards a career in medicine, Gia instead chose to train at the Tbilisi State Academy of the Arts from 1977 to 1981.
In 2004 - 2012 was Rector of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.

He has realized various personal exhibitions in Vatican- Rome, Basel, Zurich, Prague, Köln, Tallinn, Munich , Berlin, Moscow, Palermo, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Cannes, Odessa , Yerevan, as well as participated in group exhibitions, international projects, and as a speaker - in international symposiums, forums, round tables and conferences (George Washington University, Jefferson University-USA, Basel University-Switzerland, Amsterdam-Netherlands, Köln-Germany, Paris-France, Vilnius-Lithuania, Cesis-Latvia).

Gia Bugadze is the holder of various awards: Prize of the President of France for the best national collection (at International Festival in Cannes, France), Medal of Vatican “Carlos Magnus”, Medal of Anton Catholicos, ”Order of Honor”.

Gia Bugadze has realized in different countries a wide range of projects of mural paintings: Church of Martin Luther, Berlin-Germany, “Hall of Freedom of speech” in Louisiana University, USA, Georgian Orthodox Church in Paris, the cupola of the library and the conference hall of Tbilisi State University, the Hall of Tbilisi Municipality Palace, the “Kings Hall” of Georgian Parliament, the Hall of Ministry of Justice of Georgia, the conference hall of Tbilisi State Pedagogical University and the Hall of Tbilisi State Polytechnic University.

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Old Chair “Old Chair”

120x180. Canvas, Oil, Acryl.

Nina “Nina”

120x160. Canvas, Oil, Acryl.

Fall “Fall”

90x125. Canvas, Oil.

Variations “Variations”

180x120. Canvas, Oil, Acryl.

Variations White “Variations White”

180x120. Canvas, Oil, Acryl.

Refugee Camp “Refugee Camp”

240x160. Canvas, Oil, Acryl.

Refugee Camp 2 “Refugee Camp 2”

240x160. Canvas, Oil, Acryl.

Forest “Forest”

170x100. Canvas, Oil.

Evening Light “Evening Light”

80x100. Canvas, Oil.

Morning in the Forest “Morning in the Forest”

200x140. Canvas, Acryl.