Rosa Cives

Rosa Cives:

* Chartered Linguist (English,Spanish & French) & Learning and Development Advisor.

* Freelance Artist (Self-Taught) & Writer.

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Art for me,is a medium of expression beyond words.

Music and Art ,for me, go hand in hand and I am unable to create one without the other, although often music fades, unheard into the background.

I enjoy observing people and the way they interact and respond to their environment; I then love the challenge of re-interpreting an image using various media (pen, pencil, oils, acrylics, printing etc...) to exhibit multiple sentiments that I may have captured in my journey.

I am interested in many subject areas and love to capture ‘special moments’ and diversity in society that retell, retrieve or re-live a story or trigger an emotion/response for an individual.

I couldn’t begin to mention who has influenced me the most because there are so many great artists that have inspired me throughout the years (ranging from the masters to contemporary artists/designers) that I am constantly ‘dipping into and out’ of past decades and present talent for inspiration.

However, I couldn’t agree more with the words of one of my favourites:

‘El Arte sacude del alma el polvo acumulado en la vida diaria’

(Translation: ‘Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life’) - PICASSO.

Group Shows:
'Urban Angles'- Espacio Gallery, London, 2015
'Mono' - Espacio Gallery, London, 2015
'Rev It Up' (WHM)- Espacio Gallery, London, 2015
'Urban Angles'- Espacio Gallery, London, 2014
'Perspectives'- New City Gallery, London, 2010
'Our London'- Gallery 47,London, 2001
'Summer'- The New Studio, Buckinghamshire, 2000


Urban Angles

This series captures 'moments' and the diversity travelling through London & Liverpool.

London Eyes “London Eyes”

Pen, pencils, felts, charcoal, chalk on paper.For Sale

Kiss in London “Kiss in London”

Pen & Pencils on Paper.Sold

Melting Pot “Melting Pot”

Oils on wood. For sale

London in Focus “London in Focus”

Mixed media collage - Sold

Inextricably Linked “Inextricably Linked”

Acrylics on canvas. For Sale

Reflect and Refract  (Liverpool) “Reflect and Refract (Liverpool)”

Oil pastels, pen, pencils on paper. Liverpool Dock- Sold