Rachael Stone

I am 35 and still feel 12 when I am making my pieces.lol. love to create, inspire get inspired, I see art in EVERYTHING.. I am lover of dance and have been mixing records since 2001 so alot of my art is based on music in some form. I have been drawing making art since I could remember. All self taught. Anyways if u have any questions let me know and ty for taking time to look at parts of my soul that I leave on each original piece.


Music Inspires Passion!!

These are some art works I have made that show my passions for not only painting and creating but for music, vinyl records,and how they all intertwine in my world. How I feel is without music there is no art but without art there is no music. I see art in a track a song and I hear music when I see art...

Turntable CIty “Turntable CIty”

I made this on an old turntable and have put led lights in it so when it mounds on your wall or where ever u plug it in and it constantly moves and lights up. I also did some mixed media collage and. Cd pieces and old broken records for stencils. Spray paint acrylic and polyspray. Price 350.00

Therapy session “Therapy session”

I made this on a piece of wood. With acrylics and mixed media.Its a mixture of a self portrait and Judy garland with her record collection. Pricing- 150.00

Seeing music “Seeing music”

I made this abstract painting with acrylics and sheet music and a poly gloss finish.

Play “Play ”

I made this mixed media piece with acrylics,spray paint, polyurethane and toys i glued around it. Its done on a 4 ft by 5ft canvas.
Price - 950.00

Sandwaves “Sandwaves”

This three piece art sculpture painting was made with real headphones,cassette tapes and a real turntable I took out of a boombox. Using plaster on canvases I then used spray paint and polyurethane for a clear coat. With real seashells I glued on. The way I describe this painting would be someone in the future standing on the beach and seeing these wash on the shore and not knowing what they are.. With turntables cassette tapes and even with digital headphones becoming obsolete these days.
Price- 550.00

Spinderella “Spinderella”

This piece is very original i made it on a real old turntable. I install lights in and u plug it in and hang on your wall while it spins.i made this with spray paint a stencil i drew and cut out and led lights. An old turntable polyurethane.

Abstract of my subconscious

So these are pieces that I go back and look at over and over and i see something that I didn't intentionally create. So very cool seeing pieces I've made that I feel as though my subconscious did alot of them.

Puzzled Thoughts “Puzzled Thoughts”

This one I made with acrylics and spray paint.

Split Personalities “Split Personalities ”

This piece I did on a piece of wood with stencils and spray paint.

Bang bang “Bang bang”

This piece I made on an old lazer disc cover with spray paint. It has al pacino in the middle.

Observe -SOLD “Observe -SOLD”

This ones very interesting u can see alot of different things.
Thus was made with acrylics and spray paints on canvas.

Rasta “Rasta”

I made this piece on canvas with acrylics and spray paint.

Red white and blood “Red white and blood”

This painting I made on an old bunk bed canvas frame. I used acrylics and spray paint. Its 3 ft. By 6 and a half feet.

Sanitarium-SOLD “Sanitarium-SOLD”

A very haunting painting I made while listening to tool.on an old piece of wood from a hope chest early 1900s.
I used acrylics and polyurethane. This took me about 70 hours.
Price-600.00 SOLD

Mixed Dreams

So this is more of my mixed media collage stuff.they all tell a story some of them r on canvas some on wood pieces.

Path out of pride.. “Path out of pride..”

This I made with numerous pics from alot of old books and magazines on an old piece of wood. Modge podge,polyurethane

Comic spill “Comic spill”

This I made with acrylics and comic books on canvas.

Smile “Smile”

I made this on tile with acrylic and spray paint.

Lady in Red “Lady in Red ”

Another Marilyn tile I made..with acrylic spraypaint polyurethane

Earth Melting “Earth Melting ”

This is a piece I made with spray paint acrylics on canvas with some pics out of books and comic books.

Dancing on the dark side of the moon “Dancing on the dark side of the moon”

I made this piece on canvas with pics from books and magazines i used spraypaint acrylics and polyurethane

Dance all night long “Dance all night long”

This is a mixed media I used comic books and pics from books of the 1920s to 1950s. I made this on canvas with oil paints and polyurethane with a real headphone I attached to it.

He-man “He-man”

This us a mixed media collage I did on canvas with acrylics and polyurethane

Objects from my imagination

These are pieces I've made that are not for your wall.

Vintage vanity “Vintage vanity”

I made this vanity out of alot of old pics I've collected out of books. Its all 1920s to 1950s. I used modge podge polyurethane and spray paint.

Times Of Ny “Times Of Ny ”

This decorative bowl I made out of old NY times papers and pics of new York city..modge podge polyurethane

Puzzling “Puzzling”

I made this bowl out of puzzle pieces,spray paint and polyurethane