Michaela Nagel

michaela nagel

Location: Germany

born in Heidelberg, lives and works in Wiesloch

from 2006
autodidactic learning of basic techniques, attended study trips for painting and completedb studies and workshops with other artists

from 2008
worked as a free lance artist in Wiesloch with different projects and styles

from 2010
art prints at www.wooop.de / www.ooge.de

member of Kunstrefugium e.V.
WIEART K├╝nstlergruppe RHEIN-NECKAR and
Syrlin-Kunstverein e.V. international

Art conntest at Artou 2006 - 1st Place-
1st Place- Art conntest at the 2006 competition calendar entry Tijani - 3 rd place -
Art conntest Art and Prison, made * FINALIST *
Art conntest Syrlin-Kunstverein e.V international, made* FINALIST *

Michaela Nagel
had no affiliation with art at first. But in 1999, she said, she started trying out painting but was unable to translate her ideas and creative potential spontaneously.
When people start doing things in an artistic and creative manner, the product is usually important for the artist himself as well as for others. For Michaela Nagel, it was an opportunity to process personal hardships she was experiencing at the time which were almost to hard to bear. Through painting she was able to channel her feelings and very new and powerful forms of expression emerged, like a catharsis or rebirth.
At first she approached painting autodidactically. She set her mind to tapping the full potential of her gifts and talents to absorb the outside world into her heart, process it, give it a new shape and form and then tell it to others. In her case she used the paintings to relate her emotional condition to the viewer. She mainly created abstract paintings with representational elements which the viewer can discover upon taking a closer look.
Michaela Nagel works with acrylic paint, sometimes mixed with oil paint. Sometimes she modifies the texture by adding sand, troweling the paint more thickly, using wider brushstrokes, scumbling or rubbing the layers of paint. These techniques add dynamics to her art. Amplified by incidence of light and shadow play, her pictures appear to be almost three-dimensional. An extreme perspective even enhances this depth effect. The viewer encounters dreamlike sceneries und literally dives into a vast expanse and distant and unfamiliar horizons.
The artist mainly uses cold colors: icy blue and blue-gray hues, dark, black and gray as well as bright white heightening. In her paintings she creates mystic urban atmospheres, dismal apocalyptic moods with distant, fictive city skylines of sometimes nightmarish gloom. Therefore the paintings have dramatic names like Ice, Snow or Ice City.
She says herself that her paintings exude magical and mystical energy. But she can also do something completely different: she creates picture contents in strong light red and yellow shades as well as earth-colored nuances which release an incredibly optimistic energy. Someone working in such an artistic manner creates a unique personal form of expression.

Source: Art historian Gordana Mlakar


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