Serge Lis Eliseiev

Serge Lis (Eliseev)
Photographer, Artist and Video artist
The member of the
Saint-Petersburg Union of Artists since 2004.
Born in Aniva, Sakhalin Island
Musician and

Karate-trainer in the past
2000 - 2003 FASHION photographer
2002-2007 - Member of the Baltic School of the National Centre of Photography in RUSSIA
2003 - 2004 photographer of the State HERMITAGE Museum's orchestra
2003 Started to create own projects
2004 - 2007 listener
of the ProArte institute (Ford's Fund)
2006 Member of the project Volunteers of Contemporary Art the join project of the Cultural Centre of Institute Goethe in Saint-Petersburg and New Exhibition hall of the City Museum of Sculpture
2006-2007 Member of the Youth Centre of the State Museum "Hermitage" (media & art workshop classes)
2006 September 14-16, participant of The Museum and The Art Market, International Contemporary Art Symposium, The State Hermitage Museum, St.Petersburg
2006 my page has been created at The Saatchi Gallery website
2011 January I have got Studio from the UNION OF ARTISTS OF RUSSIA
Charity Auction "Life for Vera", Gallery "Navicula Artis", St.Petersburg, Russia, 22d of October 2015
Solo show
1 -December 1, 2004 through December 29, 2004 Lion's Bridge Gallery,St.Petersburg
2 -Lick Your Fingers , February 1, 2006 through February 15, 2006, Anglia Book Store's Gallery, St Petersburg
3 - December 1, 2006 through January 4, 2007 - Marziart Gallery, Hamburg,Germany
4 – August 2009 Mart Gallery St. Petersburg
5- December2009 –
January 2010 Diaghilev Centre of art, St. Petersburg
6 – 6th of August throuh 30th of September 2010 photogallery

RACHMANINOV garden, St. Petersburg
7 – 2014 August 27 –
One day Exhibition at the Mart Gallery, St.Petersburg,
8. “Painting- I’m King. Altair”, 27-31 August 2015 Main Exhibition hall of the Union of Artists of Russia. Saint-Petersburg. Russia
9 – “Last Train to Paradise”, Main Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of St.Petersburg, 12-14 February 2016
Group Exhibitions
2003 - 8th International PhotoFair, Central Exhibition Hall Manege , St Petersburg
2004 Master-Class at the Museum of Ethnography, St Petersburg
2005 - VIII International Biennale FOTONOVIEMBRE Santa Cruz de Tenerife,Canary, Spain
2007 April 21 through May 19, ISM-Gallery, Miami, USA
2007 December 5 through 2008 January 1, ISM-Gallery, Miami, USA
2012 June 6-10 First Fair in Saint-Petersburg Union of Artists
2012 15th June till15th July Saint-Petersburg Union of Artists
2013 - Erarta Museum"Portrait Now" 1st of February-17th of March
2013 Saint-Petersburg Union of Artists ,"Autumn 2013",, November8-23
2014 Second Independent International Triennale of Graphic Arts
in St.petersburg "White Inter Nights 2014" - Central Exhibition Hall
of the Union of Artists of Russia
2014 NoHO Gallery New York , USA,"Undressed &Hot", August 12-16
20014 The Third Museum Photobiennale of contemporary photography 10December2014 - 9 March
2015, The Marble Palace, St/ Petersburg, Russia
2015 Galllery "Navicula Artis", St.Petersburg, Russia, The exhibition of the lots before the Auction "Life for Vera",14-25 October
2015 “Autumn 2015” Main Exhibition hall of the Union of Artists of Russia. Saint-Petersburg. 25th of November-12th of December

1 - 10 my works are kept in Museum of Centre Photography of Tenerife Island Canary, Spain
2 - Three of my artworks are kept in Kling& Bang Gallery of Reykjavik,Iceland
3 - Two of my artworks are kept in Christian Dam Gallery Oslo, Norway
4-Two of my artworks are in collection in Ludwig Museum, Germany
2003 the 8th International Photo Fair ,Central Exhibition Hall Manege ,St Petersburg, p.88
2004 Master-Class ,Museum of Ethnography, St Petersburg, p.243
2004 Autumn 2004 ,Central Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists,St.Petersburg,pp.54-55
2005 - FOTONOVIEMBRE 2005,pp 274-275 (VIII International Biennale FOTONOVIEMBRE
2005 ,Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary, Spain) ISBN 84-88594-38-0
2012 - 80 years anniversary of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists, p. 378
1 - "WINWOOD ART GUIDE",December 2007, Miami, USA
2 -"Self-portrait with prostitute","Camera obscura" on-line Magazine, 16th of March 2014

In November 2006 I've received Travel Grant from Nordic Council of Ministers

and made a trip to Reykjavik (Iceland) from December 1, 2006 till December 8,2006 and to Oslo (Norway) from December 8, 2006 till December 11, 2006 to establish cultural relations with art galleries and museums.


Art Eliseev

Serge Lis (Eliseev) Self-taught Artist I began to paint since February 2015
The Member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 2005 as photographer

Good summer mood “Good summer mood”

Oil on canvas
70x70 cm

Diving “Diving”

Oil on canvas
70x60 cm

Ball “Ball”

Oil on canvas
60x80 cm

Strawberry field “Strawberry field ”

Strawberry field
Oil on canvas
40x60 cm

"After Party " “"After Party "”

"After Party "
Oil on canvas
60x80 cm

"Innocence" “"Innocence"”

Oil on canvas
60x80 cm

"All-seeing " “"All-seeing "”

"All-seeing "
Oil on canvas

"Last Train to Paradise " “"Last Train to Paradise " ”

"Last Train to Paradise "
Oil on canvas
60x100 cm

"Quiet Demon " “"Quiet Demon "”

"Quiet Demon "
Oil on canvas
70 x70 cm

"Shark " “"Shark " ”

"Shark "
Oil on canvas

Spring Melody “Spring Melody”

Spring Melody
Oil on canvas
60x80 cm

Othello “Othello”

Oil on canvas
60x80 cm

"intimate talking" “"intimate talking"”

"intimate talking"
Oil on canvas
70x70 cm

"Emptiness" “"Emptiness"”

Oil on canvas
64x94 cm

In My Place “In My Place”

In My Place
oil on canvas
73x105 cm