Marie-noelle Gagnan

Marie-Noelle Gagnan

Location: Canada

Marie-Noëlle Gagnan is captivated by the depth of the self. The themes she captures are about the mysteries of the soul, about light and darkness; they rest upon a civilization, rich elements of silent stories that stir up emotions. Through her dreamlike canvasses, both symbolic and expressionistic, she shares a corner of her soul, hoping to reach a corner of yours.
For each and every of her paintings, the artist starts by getting acclimated to her canvas. One stroke leads to another and, little by little, she confides in her canvas. Soon, a dialogue begins: secrets are shared from both sides and the feeling of solitude vanishes. The painting, alive, responds to the artist, suggests ideas. From time to time, these ideas are surprising, yet the exchange stays dynamic. The artist is not alone anymore, and her passion for pictorial discourse reveals its very depth.
M-N G. has always had a strong preference for fauvism and expressionism. The contrast between pure and complementary colours gives birth to a powerful expression. Subtler notes suggest a mystery both complex and inaccessible.

Master’s in Education (Art), University of Montreal.
Degree in Plastic Arts, University of Quebec.
Post-graduate degree in Drawing, Paris.

- "Contrastes" Solo exhibition in Montreal, Canada – November 2015
- "Little Treasures" exhibition in Bologna, Italy – November/December 2015
- Exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, France – October 2015
- Exhibition in Rome, Italy - October 24,2015 to October 31, International Art Exhibition - vernissage saturday October 24,2015 at 18.
- Exhibition at the 2ème Salon d’Art Contemporain in Toulouse, France – May 2015


My paintings 2015

My first goal is to express an emotion I feel emerging within myself exactly as I feel it, then to be able to share it. Depending on my theme, it could be a mood in a given situation, either happy or sad, a dreamlike vision, a memory. I then choose, depending on what I’m painting, bright or dark colours, a sharp or flexible drawing style, abstraction or figuration, and, most importantly, symbols.

midnight “midnight”

20x24 inches

le bistrot “le bistrot”

20x24 inches

prélude “prélude”

20x24 inches