Rosa Maria Luna

Rosa Maria Luna

Location: Germany

Born in 1969 in Ica.

I am a Peruvian artist, I studied in Lima Peru at the "National School of Fine Arts of Peru" currently I live in Germany.

I specialize in the painting of horses in different techniques.

My brush try to show in a subtle way the strength and beauty of an horse, its power and elegance,

sometimes haughty or secretive, sometimes sweet and friendly, but always imbued with freedom in its very nature.

For me it's a constant challenge to capture the intense glint in its eyes and its hilly nature and the manes, reflect the radiant light of the sun and moon,

the shape of the perfect muscles, the blood, pulsing life to see, I try with my brush to model the velvety body generous with color,
such as the sculptor with clay ...
"When I paint a horse,
I feel the wind in their manes gallop,
caught the sun's warmth in her fur,
the starlight in her eyes"