Cornelius Basoski

Cornelius - born in Rotterdam in the Second World War - was at a young age busy with writing, photography, sculpting, drawing and painting. After following Schapers Open Studio in Rotterdam and Schiedam (a multi-year, mainly practical actors and overall artistic training), he specialized in script-writing, photography and painting. After a variety of activities (including a colourprinting preparation firm) and diverse acting-performancies manifested in him again the urge to write, photograph and painting. The result was an own Studio in the vicinity of Haarlem, the Netherlands in 2010 and often exhibiting at numerous locations (recently in Castle Drakenburg in Soest in 2015). Preferences: Modern Art = Cobra. Nominated for the Palm Award in 2014 and 2015.


Cornelius Basoski

Happy works, coloufull, unexpected, like the children, even romantic or 'strange': back to the fifties,

Real “Real”

The heart: source of dfferent emotions

Mixed feelings “Mixed feelings”

The heart can bear conflicting emotions

Summer “Summer”

No explanation needed

Spring “Spring”

No words needed

Autumn “Autumn”

Sad, depressing

Winter “Winter”

Happy celebrations for all