Livio Lopedote

Livio Lopedote

Location: Italy

I am essentially self-taught. I was born in Trieste on Aug. 24th, 1951, during the times when Italy was under the Allied Liberation Government. It was a free town, like the spirit of the artist, whose imagination and especially dreams never did leave him. However, Venice is definitely my fatherland, since it is on those islands where I consolidated my culture and profession, a golden atmosphere where I, as an artist found new colors, and where I lives and works now.
I was a business man obliged to leave my passion as an hobby. After a long phase where I tried different paint techniques around vision art, I feel the need to make me free by the influences, to develop my own creativity.
I attend many atelier where I meet different artists that help me to catch out this conviction. Since the beginning of 2005 I have been breaking away from all the others, to develop my own very unique approach to expression in painting. Here the path is pleasurable but also difficult, since I am aware of the need to break away from his previous technical knowledge, and start playing with colors, something which has always fascinated me, to then arrive at the essence of things, or, to enter into things. I am not a show off when I intends to present a great deal, hoping only for my soul to open up freely, without cultural ties and pre established concepts of art. In this manner my imagination can consolidate in a new and original type of pictorial expression.
It’s difficult to describe my artistic vein with the images, much more with words. When I start to paint, I don’t know where I will go exactly, I have just a main topic. My feelings became more and more strong completing my work.
Painting makes me feel so happy and at the end I am fully satisfied. My thought goes directly and fluently to the canvas with an action painting. I am an Informal artist or Abstract Impressionist.


Painting & Collage

My artistic search continue with some collages. Always with the same characteristics of abstract or informal impressionism, I experiment the forms using colored papers. At times I also unite some spaces of acrylic painting.