Bianca Pirlog

Bianca Pirlog is a born Romanian artist , born 17/11/1994. In 2007, Bianca and family moved to London, so she could continue her education and study fine arts in this beautiful city .

What happens when a tornado meets the breeze of a calm midsummer day?
Well, that is Bianca’s artistic vision and style. Her paintings are sometimes full of fierceness and strong as steel. Sometimes, we make acquaintance to an innocent, contemplative artist expressing her most inner experiences and emotions by means of color and shape. Every painting has a story and between the wooden frames of those paintings the young artist sets free a wide spectrum of ideas, feelings, and experiences. May it be said that her work is the world of demons and angels walking side by side and if we ought to describe it in a single word that would be definitely transcendental.
At the time being, Bianca is studying at University of Arts -Wimbledon , she is also a member at Willesden Green Gallery where some of her paintings were exhibited and she is intensely preparing for her master studies that will start next year.


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