Elizabeth Bogard

Elizabeth began creating assemblages in 2005, after a business career in the corporate arena. She progressed to collage, then to acrylic painting and watercolor. Her favorite medium is mixed media.

In the words of the artist,
"My work starts with a phenomenon or moment in time which I observe happening around me. I study and draw this image many times, reducing it to the essentials. Once the brush strokes touch the canvas, the painting becomes largely instinctive and from the heart."

Elizabeth has studied drawing, painting and collage in the academic setting and privately with Peter Ligon, Maureen Brouillette and Mariles Vonk in the Netherlands. She studies the masters and teaches collage.

Elizabeth's art can be found in private and public collections worldwide and viewed at Hillside Gallery in Santa Fe. Find a list of exhibitions and collectors and view her portfolio online at http://ebogardart.fineartamerica.com.


Contemporary Gallery

Acrylic Paintings and Mixed Media

Under the Red Umbrella “Under the Red Umbrella”

Acrylic Paint on Arches Paper

Embrace “Embrace”

Four framed 6x6 acrylic paintings on canvas board. They can be arranged in various configurations.

Making Circles in the Sand “Making Circles in the Sand”

Crayon de Ache on Watercolor Paper

Morning Composition “Morning Composition”

Acrylic Painting on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Hotel Lounge “Hotel Lounge”

Acrylic Painting

Young Padre “Young Padre”

Mixed Media, Framed

I'll Sent a Text “I'll Sent a Text”

Acrylic Painting

Contemplation “Contemplation”

Acrylic Painting

Red Three “Red Three”

Acrylic Painting 42x42

Destiny “Destiny”

Acrylic "Scratched" Painting

Catherine Window “Catherine Window”

Mixed Media Painting 42x42

You Are Here “You Are Here”

Mixed Media Painting on Watercolor Paper

Mixed Media

Mixed Media artworks are composed of more than one medium. For example, if you add paint to a paper collage, it becomes mixed media.

Dinsdag “Dinsdag”

This is a paper collage. The name means Wednesday.

Yellow Symphony “Yellow Symphony”

This collage is composed entirely of paper.

Wildberry Pie “Wildberry Pie”

paper collage

Omens “Omens”

Paper applied to a painted canvas