Ariel Chavarro Avila

In 1970 Ariel Chavarro Avila was born near Bogota in Colombia? This artist works predominantly in the medium of painting, particularly in oil and watercolor. His love of art began as a child, with a special fascination for color and nature.

From 1992, Chavarro attended both Fashion Design School Arturo Tejada Cano followed by Universidad De Los Andes, where specialised in Fine Arts. He counts artists including Kandinsky, Constable, Turner, Matisse, Chagall, Braque, Picasso, Dali, and Hockney.

Throughout the 1990s he has had solo shows in Bogota, Medellin and Cali. From 2000-2012, he resided in Madrid, Spain, where he continued to exhibit his work.

Chavarro Avila has held more than 50 solo shows in Colombia and in Europe, and he counts more than 70 collective exhibitions across the world. Ariel is very please because he is collaborating with art dealers, galleries, art collectors, charities, and some foundations and museums are requesting his art for their private, and permanent collections as Haegeumgang Theme Museum, Haegeumgang Goje, South Korea.


" Creations Of GOD "

This is a collection of oil paintings, which describes every moment about The Creation Of God since the beginning. Starting with the first instant of the boring of The Universe.

"The Creation Of The Light Or The Creation Of The Day" “"The Creation Of The Light Or The Creation Of The Day"”

This picture shows a stunning scenery plenty of colours, more than 150 tonalities at the same time, you can see the Sun on the Sky, the Sea, the Mountains, the Valley.

"The Creation Of The Evening" “"The Creation Of The Evening"”

This piece displays a wonderful Sunset with more than 30 colours, and you can appreciate: The Sun, The Sky, and The Ocean covert with pinks and red colours.

"The Creation Of The Night" “"The Creation Of The Night"”

This gorgeous painting let you see a quiet and a dark Sky plenty of stars and a whole moon on a green Earth.