Angelelli Stefania

Angelelli Stefania

Location: Italy

My "adventure" in the art field started with the reproduction of some great masterpieces of the past, works by classical and modern great artists such as for example Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Salvador Dalì, Tamara De Lempicka, Gustav Klimt, ecc.

I think this type of activity, although it lacks the originality of the idea because we are speaking of “art copies", however, is a very exciting and effective way to extend the artist’s "technical knowledge" because he/she can test styles and methods completely different from each other, ranging from classic to contemporary artists.
This allows the artist to increase and improve his own sensitivity, the ability to understand the nuances and the details that make the work unique, refining, in this way, the spirit of observation.

At the same time I think that to be successful in reproducing the great masters’ works "as closely as possible" represents not only a real "challenge" that constantly puts the artist to the test but also a way to enjoy the emotions they offer, providing a "small private sample" of what you can admire in the great museums ... ..

From this exercise of "observation and reproduction" rose the curiosity to try out also one of the painting areas which I’m mostly interested in: the Hyperrealism, to represent either subjects I love for their aesthetic impact, or subjects that "exceed" the simple "external beauty" and reach a deeper meaning, representing a sort of message for the observer ....
….but always trying, from a technical point of view, to reproduce reality in every detail ...

Finally, a third area I’ve just decided to "experiment with" is actually "the opposite" than previous ones and it consists in completely abstract works, performed "straight off" and coming either from ideas offered by nature or from pure pictorial instinct left free to express, just playing with colors ...

I think art is pure emotion and it should convey emotion both to those who practice it, and those who observe it ... .. It’s something that wants to make you dream, to take you away into another dimension every time you need…. It’s something that helps you to cheer up when you're feeling down ... .. and that is what I am working on.

Exhibitions in which I participated:
- 4th Ed. “Old Masters Copies Exibition”, held in Stia (AR), at Florentine Building Lemon-house, from 4th August to 8th September 2013
- “Old Masters Copies Exibition” held in Florence (FI),Bastogi Palace, from 9th to 16th May 2014
- "Expo / EGOS VII" Exhibition, held in London, at the Royal Opera Academy (ROA) Gallery, from 16th to 22nd June 2014
- 3rd Ed. "Palette Winter" Exibition-, held in Macerata (MC), at the Ancient Ovens from 29th December 2014 to 7th January 2015
- 2nd International Art Biennial held in Palermo (PA) – at the Museum Complex of the Royal College of Poor - from 11th to 25th January 2015
- Exposition "Aesthetics of Beauty", held in Milan, at the Passpartout Gallery, from 13th to 26th February 2015
- Exposition "Women in Regeneration", held in Milan, at the Passpartout Gallery, from 7th to 27th March 2015
- Exposition "Roman Spring", held in Rome, at the Flyer Art Gallery, from 24th to 30th April 2015
- "Art Shopping Louvre" held in Paris, at the Carrousel du Louvre, in collaboration with EA Publisher from 12th to 14th June 2015
- Publication in the Volume "Excellencies - looks on Contemporary Painting", published by EA Publisher - June 2015
- 5th Ed. “Old Masters Copies Exibition”, held in Stia (AR), at Florentine Building Lemon-house, from 9th August to 6th September 2015.
- 4th Ed. "Universal Award" at the Historical Center Gallery of Florence - from 3rd to 15thOctober 2015
- 17th Ed. " International Art Prize San Crispino " at Villa Barruchello , Porto Sant'Elpidio ( FM ) from 10th to 25th October 2015 .
Awarded the Representation Prize of the Legislative Assembly of the Marche for the work " Still Life with berries".

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