Gregor Pratneker

Gregor Pratneker

Location: Slovenia

The Maribor born Slovenian painter, Gregor Pratneker, graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the Maribor Faculty of Education in 2006 and was awarded a Master's degree in Painting by the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design in 2011. He won several Slovenian awards, among them the Maribor Fine Artists Association Award for Best Painting in 2013 and in the same year the May Salon Award of the Union of Slovene Fine Artists Associations. In 2014, Pratneker participated at the Salon d'Automne in Paris. In 2015 he participated at Salon of the French Artist in Grand Palais and on X. Florence bienale. In his artistic development, he focused on various classical motifs, such as landscapes and historical cityscapes, created exclusively in the traditional oil painting technique. Gregor Pratneker altered from his early, quasi neo-divisionistic, vibrating style to more closed, steady forms (Synthetism or Cloisonnism) inspired by French Fauvism that led to the present illusionistic, almost dream-like images. In his latest artistic period, the artist is deeply engaged in the relationship between man and nature, subtly exposing contemporary ecological problems.


View of the valley

80 x 100 cm, oil on carton, 2014

Winter “Winter”

70 x 90 cm, oil on canvas, 2015

Forest road “Forest road”

70 x 90 cm, oil on canvas, 2013

Cabin in the wood “Cabin in the wood”

90 x 115 cm, oil on canvas, 2013

Yellow purple composition “Yellow purple composition”

80 x 100 cm, oil on canvas, 2014

Alone “Alone”

90 x 115 cm, oil on canvas, 2013

November reds “November reds”

84 x 108 cm, oil on canvas, 2015