Ecco Meineke

Ecco Meineke

Location: Germany

Ecco Meineke Vita

1961 Born in Kaufbeuren / Germany
1977 1.photoserial " 11 " in a standing before the demolition settlement
Moving to Munich . Begins as singer-songwriters on stage act
1980 study of German literature, art and theater studies
1985 Foundation of the folk-comedy trio "Folksfest"
Movie "Dunkelmann" book and lead role (with Martin Österreicher),
awarded the "Youth Film Prize"
Step - dancing lessons
1986 Foundation of ballad group "Münchner Bänkelbande"
1987 Foundation of 11-piece Soul band "Soulfood", today
"Ecco DiLorenzo and his Innersoul"
1988 Entry in psychedelic pop group "Bel Mauve"
1994 Foundation of the Klezmer group "Shtetlmusikanten" (duo with Andreas Arnold, clarinet)
1995 Blues-Show "Good Time Blues" accompanied by Bully Herbig-guitarist Dieter Holesch
1996 Foundation of "Ecco DiLorenzo Jazz Quartet", Nat-King-Cole Show
Book and cast of TV satire show "Quast" (BR). Grimme Award nomination.
Start of the radio series "StirningerMan" with Christian Springer. Later as live cabaret.
1999 2.Solo-satire-programm of Duo Springer / Meineke "AWARD!"
2000 Incidental music for Franz Xaver Kroetz "Soldier"
Debut album as a singer-songwriter "Der dritte Montag" (German Folk Award)
Soundtrack for the Bully Herbig movie "Der Schuh des Manitu"
2001 Feminist cabaret program with Susanne Rohrer, entitled "The women eat us all away!"
Birth of his son Johnny Meineke
2002 Video installation "Evidence / Proof" at Munich Volkstheater
2003 Opening of GAGALERIE (studio and workroom for theater and sound productions)
Installation "learning process / learning process" (anti-landmines campaign) / Gagalerie
Live synchronization of the silent film "INRI" (1923) by Robert Wiene
in Munich's Church of the Redeemer (project Interfilm Academy / go> magazine)
2004 Entry in the ensemble of Münchner Lach- und Schiessgesellschaft".
(For 5 programs until 2011). Later, house author.
2006 Participation in the "92.werkschau muenchner photographer" (K41)
Opening of the permanent exhibition "Bare Waschmuenze" (laundromat at Glockenbachplatz)
2008 TV band for Pro7 karaoke show "Singing Bee" (with Olli P. and Senna Guemmour)
2010 1.Solo cabaret program "and we came out of the water"
Establishing the NewFolk band "Anthony's Garden" with the Singer/Songwriter "Prince York"
2011 1. "Anthony's Garden" - album "How to grow a plant" appears
2.Solo cabaret program "Fake!"
2012 Cabaret Serial "Year in Review", which deals with each the first 2 weeks of the year
1st prize at the film competition "Kaliber35" of the "Munich International Short Film Festival"
for "I had all in all a good week"
Short film and music clops for the Satire portal "" (Dieter Hildebrandt
and Hanitzsch) et al with the Munich "Jazz Big Band Assiciation"
The debut album of "Ecco DiLorenzo Jazz Quartet", Title:"Self-fulfilling prophecies" (with German lyrics)
2013 Meineke curated the interdisciplinary art event "room is music is room"
For Meineke brings 11 sculptor / interior, and video artist, photographer and jazz together.
Surcharge for a stand-alone installation for the opening of the Pinakothek der Moderne /Munich.
The "DADA-Wiesn" is an ironic "replica" of the same time held Oktoberfest
(with more than thirty artists from the fields of sculpture / Drama / Film / Blues /
light projection / AgitProp and HipHop)
3.Soloprogram "Liberté! Égalité! Humbatäterä-tätä!" about the history of democracy.
2014 Meineke writes the lyrics, composes and performs for the "Out-REVUE" the Munich Kammerspiele.
Focus: The shift to the right in the civic center.
Acoustic Poetry Project "Ekki Hlaeja"
Chanson Show with pianist Andy Lutter
2015 Debut album "Ecco DiLorenzo and his Inner Soul": "Soul Train BaBaDee"



The artist also working as actor saw more than 200 towns on his tour and a lot of train stations, where he took the images of travelling people