Peter Daniels

Peter Daniels

Location: Canada

Peter was born 1949 in New Westminister B.C. Canada. He is a graduate of K.S.A. with a certificate in Commercial Art,a certificate in Fine Art and a diploma in Fine Art,as well as a graduate of Notre Dame University with a B.F.A. He taught art with O.F.Y. Grants from Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau for three summers, then established himself as the Art Master at St.Michael's University School in Victoria B.C.Next he was employed by the Department of the Solicitor General's Office to teach art therapy to inmates at Matsqui Institution. In 1981 he opened his studio full time to produce over 70000 items in stoneware/porcelain, where he was nominated for the Bronftman Award in Canada and the Department of External Affairs selected his porcelain for their permanent collection in Ottawa. Peter started painting in 1985 and established himself as a painter/art publisher and sold art throughout North America at the gift shows. He showed in the Agora Gallery in Manhattan in 1996 and was well received by the art crowd. Peter was selected by the French Consulate and Sotheby's International to exhibit his art at the French Consulate in 2004 at the residence of the French Consulate in Vancouver B.C.He was also aligned with the Home Depot on-line Merchant Program in 2010 as a Merchant Supplier. Since 2000, Peter Daniels has worked extensively in Feature Film and T.V. He is currently developing a Feature Film on his art career.


To the Festival

The art of International Artist Peter Daniels.

To the Festival “To the Festival”

This is a water colour transferred to canvas with Venice cement by International Artist Peter Daniels.

Angel “Angel”

Water colour and acrylic on canvas by International artist Peter Daniels.

Scottsdale “Scottsdale”

Acrylic on canvas