Marina Hubner

Marina Hubner

Location: France

Marina, woman artist and multi-talented creator, was born in Georgia, Caucasus, where she lived until 1990.
Leaving her motherland to settle in Europe, where she lived in Frankfurt-am-Main, Paris and Cannes on the French Riviera.
This bohemian artist, renowned poetess in her homeland, having worked for television, theatre and animation, has found a new way to express herself: plastic arts.
Her real-sized sculptures, made of polyester resin and bronze, curvaceous women of lovely colours are full of joy, wit and kindness..
as she is. They are graceful, sweet, voluptuous, expressive...
"Marina takes us to a magical world, away from the present time, where dreams and melodies enchant our souls..."
"Her sculptures mix the classical and the contemporaneous...."
"The reality of the bodies and the absence of the instruments contradict their symphonies, and this make them timeless"
Marina is a perfectionist and therefore works with the best craftsmen from France and Italy.
If you go to Nice, Côte d'Azur, one of her lady musician is waiting for you in front of the Hotel Negresco on the Promenade.
As an international artist, Marina exhibited her work in international contemporary art fairs and in galleries in Russia, Europe,
Middle Asia, East Asia and in the United States.
Mobile: +33617211099



Sculpture Violinist , made in fiberglass exist in three sizes:
H 185 cm, H 115 cm, H 45 cm and in different colours.

unique pieces, colored by artist.

The sculptures are for outside exposure