Astrid Baenziger


Born in 1965, Astrid Baenziger grew up with 5 older siblings in Appenzell, Switzerland. She is a trained certified technical operation assistant and trained qualified social worker.
In addition to these professional challenges she has worked as an artist for a number of years.
Starting with drawing comics, she has expanded widely to an intensive examination of various techniques of acrylic painting and collage technique. Colourful flowergardens, nature themes, poems written on paintings, clotheslines, the fragility of human being etc. are her frontrunners. For some years now, she has shown her works of art in various individual and collective exhibitions. In Automne she showed the first time in ART BIENNALE FLORENCE, Italy.
Astrid Baenziger is an autodidact. She lives with her family in Berne, Switzerland.
„My images are designed through their colours and their representations to conjure happiness, to elicit a smile in the beholder, and are now and then seen with a wink! The images are life, devotion and joy of life.“


Beautiful life

this artwork is a mixture with acrylic paintings and collages! it is described with:
"It's better to be absolutely ridiculous, than absolutely boring.....!;-)))))

winner of the claw-twirling competition “winner of the claw-twirling competition”

the little crow never stops it's fussin and so they do by fullmoon, because of the better light, a competition. the parents look up to the wire where the contest takes place.
"....and in this quiet moment he realized, that he was the winner of the claw-twirling competitin!"

La Fragilité “La Fragilité”

the fragility about young people, women and children. the fragility of her soul shows its face with a naked fragil woman like a look in a mirror.