Austen Brantley

Austen Brantley is a self-taught 20 year old African-American ceramic sculptor from (and based out of) Detroit, Michigan. He initially had no knowledge of his artistic abilities until he reached his junior year at Berkley High School. Austen was inspired by his BHS ceramics teacher who saw his potential to succeed in things he thought weren't possible; as a result he has become an inspiration not only to to himself, but to his peers. In 2013 after a mere two years of sculpting Austen began receiving local and statewide recognition for his creations, which has resulted in nine solo exhibits and multiple requests for future shows. Austen's art has been displayed at Grand Rapids City Hall, the Charles H Wright museum and currently in the Detroit Institute of Arts Musuem shop outside the 30 Americans Exhibit In addition, he has been interviewed for PBS and local new channels. Austen Brantley is an artist to watch: he has grown from an amateur sculptor to an upcoming international artist who has the gift of speaking artistically through the clay he sculpts.


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