Steve Borghi

Embracing “Rhythmic Expressionism” – Paintings that Imbue Feeling with Every Brushstroke
Both a percussionist and a painter, Steve Borghi’s work is an expression of that sacred inner space where art and music are born. Says Borghi, “As I prepare to paint, I play music. The rhythm builds within me and rises in a burst of energy. Then, I go over to the canvas and start moving with it.”
What results are paintings that visually translate the feeling of rhythm to the viewer. Explains Dr. Nancy DiMartino, owner of Layfayette Cancer Care where many of Borghi’s works are on display, “The first look at a Borghi painting always causes a sharp intake of breath. And then I lean in to get as close as possible. The bold, vibrant colors create not only a feast for the eyes, but there is always a physical impact – a stirring of the spirit.
“He invokes a yearning within to literally step into the place he has created. The paintings are like a portal into a magical place that you feel just has to exist.”
Originally from Boston, Borghi now resides in Layfayette, Indiana. In college he headed down the path of the artist, studying visual design. A fork in that path led him to a successful career in corporate marketing, which in turn has served as a source of support for his return to art. Throughout his journey, music has been a constant.
“My passion is hand drumming,” explains Borghi. “African, Latin and World rhythms inspire my music. At some point I discovered that rhythm is a powerful tool to move and uplift people. For the past 25 years I’ve been facilitating drumming workshops.”
And it’s those healing qualities of rhythm that reach out from Borghi’s canvases and touch the viewer. According to Dr. DiMartino, “His paintings create a sense of wonder. My cancer patients often wander through the clinic, standing for long minutes in front of the painting they are drawn to, unable to drag their eyes away.”
In addition to the Layfayette Cancer Center, Borghi’s works are on permanent display at the Unity Medical Center, as well as a number of other medical and professional facilities.
Borghi’s Rhythmic Expressionism paintings also adorn the walls of many private homes. Explains one collector, “I fell in love with this larger painting (Tibetan Prophecy) the moment I saw it and knew it would become the focal point on my living room wall. It’s so alive and powerful and I’m inspired every time I look at it.”
During these stressful times, Borghi continues to create powerful works inspiring collectors from a diversity of audiences to connect with the sustaining rhythms of life. Recent shows have been held at the Tippicanoe Arts Federation and a new show is being planned in 2016 in Colorado.


STEVE BORGHI: A New Direction in Art

STEVE BORGHI & Rhythmic Expressionism: a new direction in art

A new style emerging in the 21st century is "Rhythmic Expressionism," an innovative title coined by Steve Borghi to describe his highly original form of oil painting. The majority of Borghi's paintings are non-representational, however, they are created with and inspired by the colors, rhythms, and sounds of nature that evoke a myriad of moods.

Borghi’s paintings depict expressions that emanate directly from what he describes as “that sacred inner space where art and music are born.” His paintings are therefore, as he puts it, “fundamentally expressions of my emotional response to musical rhythms, translated onto canvas.”

Depending on his mood, Borghi creates works with energetic, bold hues and impasto, or thick strokes of paint. “When I’m feeling more contemplative,” he explains, “I paint with softer-color oils that evoke the subtle sounds and soothing colors found in nature. And then, when I’m in a playful or lighthearted mood, I create paintings filled with lively patterns in what curator Kristen Thies categorizes as kids’ colors.”

Rhythmic expressionism is at the heart of Steve’s newest work: “My goal is to create paintings that instill the viewer with the same magic
I feel during my creative process.”

To my thinking, collecting a bit of magic is a wonder-filled choice. So we welcome you to take a look at the art of Steve Borghi, posted on in four differing categories: Bold Colors, Soft Colors, Kids’ Colors, or oils inspired by Water, Sea & Sky…

For more information on Steve Borghi’s new direction in art, please write to me at Or call, 508-566-9463

©Steve Borghi 2015

"Transitions" Oil and mixed media 24" x 30" “"Transitions" Oil and mixed media 24" x 30"”

24" x 30" Oil and Mixed media on canvas with painted edges © Steve Borghi 2015

" City of Lights" Oil 24" x 24" “" City of Lights" Oil 24" x 24"”

The artists's impression of the colors and lights in the universe.

"SB 99 Vivid Colors" Oil 24" x 30" “"SB 99 Vivid Colors" Oil 24" x 30"”

Inspired by the bold rhythms and colors of Nature

"Fragmentation" oil 24" x 24" “"Fragmentation" oil 24" x 24"”

The artists depiction of infinite particles in the universe ©Steve Borghi 2015

SB 7 "Vivid Joy" Oil 24" x 24" © Steve Borghi 2015 “SB 7 "Vivid Joy" Oil 24" x 24" © Steve Borghi 2015”

The artists expression of freedom and joy