Virginie Cardinael

Virginie Cardinael

Location: Belgium

“When the intensity of the colors and the delicacy of the female universe meet…”

Attracted since always by art in all its forms, I have practiced painting as a self-taught painter for 10 years.
Abstract art but carried by symbols, my art turn around the exploration of the human conscience, our roots, our inner world with its dark and light parts. I try to make of my paintings a kind of pictural book in which everybody can read his/her own story.
I've been studying astrology for a few years now and we can see this influence quite a lot.

I use different kinds of materials (earth, sand, cardboard, ...) to defy the smooth vision of the reason in order to give access to the hard and mysterious intensity of the soul.
Most of the time, I also propose a multiplication of the artistic directions while associating texts, the words and various incrustations.

As for me, life is about intensity. We need tob e touched, to feel alive. Therefore, I use strong colours because they directly go to the heart.
My wish is to exceed the borders of a single art to reach an unconditional freedom and comprehension of the sense.