Ann Baldwin May

Ann Baldwin May was born and raised in Palo Alto, California. She took 2 years of sewing in high school.She received her education from UC,Irvine(History,BA, Elementary Teaching
Credential,Masters in Teaching Spanish)Her first quilting class was in 1975. She stopped counting bed quilts at 300. She retired in 2012 after working 36 years in public schools and turned her attention to art quilts.She has been juried into numerous shows and has won several awards for her work. Ann is passionate about using repurposed materials in her art projects. Many of the materials come from the San Francisco Design Center. Her pieces may be whimsical, abstract or representational the wonder of California's natural world.



My inspiration comes from the materials, colors and textures. Most of my materials are redirected from the San Francisco Design Center.


These pieces were made by the fabric layering technique. The backing and batting are laid on a table. The scene is created by layering fabric and threads on top. When complete, it is covered with tulle netting. Lastly, the three layers are free motion quilted together.

Palo Colorado “Palo Colorado”

32" x 34" $2000.

Apricot Tree “Apricot Tree”

25" x 31" $ 1500.

Mexican Inspired

Whimsical fabric collages inspired by my love of the Mexican culture and peoples.

El Danzante de Los Viejitos “El Danzante de Los Viejitos”

Inspired by the Dance of the Viejitos, the Dance of the Little Old Men, from Michoacan, Mexico. Young men wearing masks wobble on stage and then compete with each other doing lively dance steps before they wobble off again. The bone fish and netting represent Michoacan as the Land of the Lakes of Mexico.
43" x 39"