Marie-claude Arel

Marie-Claude Arel

Location: Canada

At a young age, Marie-Claude felt an attraction for the arts and pursued art studies at Collège St-Maurice in Saint-Hyacinthe. Seeing few opportunities in this area, she decided to complete her studies in computer programming. In 2006, during a sabbatical year, she enrolled in oil painting classes with Anne Drouin. It was a revelation: a true return to the source.

Marie-Claude is passionate about portraits. Portraits are in her soul. She loves to capture the features, forms and movement of the characters she reproduces to make them expressive and real. She demonstrates her technique and precision live by creating portraits using pencil, pastel or oil paints during her numerous exhibitions. Painting in public provides her with a feeling of positive energy.
With a childhood influenced by classical music, she has begun to paint ballerinas. She portrays their grace and femininity in a setting that moves to the rhythm of the music. With the same care, she introduces a brightly hued rose as a backdrop. Roses fit naturally into her compositions with the dancers giving a touch of originality and femininity. Her final touch is to intertwine a ribbon that weaves a sentiment of pure joy.
Through her works we feel a delightful joie de vivre. Her luminous palette combined with her precise brushwork give rise to lifelike paintings. The softness of her images is achieved by painstaking brushwork and molten hues.
Color, form, shadow and light swirl and reflect the emotions she endeavours to portray.
Marie-Claude hopes that her works appeal to you and instil a sense of pleasure and serenity.