Leifeld, Elisabeth

Leifeld, Elisabeth

Location: Germany

I was born in Germany in 1953.I love to be a textile Artist, using so different materials as wool, fabric, seed, hair, grass etc. I also make collages and watercolours.
I organized several exhibitions in Germay and I also take part in the Collage Exchange organized by Dale Copeland in New Zealand.
Inspirations come from everywhere, especially by walking around in Nature and from all the travels around the world I enjoyed ,especially around the South Pacific.


orange bowl

fiber art, sewn with wool, seed from dandelion, lace, grass,yarn

fairy “fairy”

fiber art, sewn with lace, seed from dandelion,grass, wool,yarn

orange bowl “orange bowl”

fiber art, made from wool, fabric, yarn

cinderella “cinderella”

The shoe is sewn by machine .Material: wool

The wave. “The wave. ”

The wave is sewn by machine. Material: wool