Nancy C Schumacher

Aloha, I have been painting most of my life. I have done oil and watercolour, as well as watercolour and chalk mixed. I have studied with Flying colors in France with Dr. Zorn. I have a Bachelor's degree from the University of Southern CT(2004). My mother was an artist who did mainly oils, and I have been apinting and showing since 1062. I studied watercolour in Minneapolis with a gifted teacher at the M inneapolis College of art and design for several years. In 1994 I joined the American Medical artists and showed my work for five years in the source book. I have shown my art on the Internet at a canadian website that eventually placed it with Now I have art with Elite Artist as well. I have shown my pictures at Claires Cornocopia four times since 1995, as well as a four generation show at the New Haven Public Library. Presently, The Swallows' Flight, Tales of Persons with Misuderstoood Neurological Disorders (2006) has 50 pictures in it as well as 20 articles that were given at medical conferences in Europe and China. I have always found that painting relaxe me. I was painting earlier today.


Nancy C Schumacher
148 Everit St. "B"
New Haven, CT 06511