Lisa J Levasseur

Lisa J Levasseur

Location: Canada

Lisa J Levasseur is a Canadian born business woman that began painting in 2010 and quickly emerged as an artist. Most noted for her range of artwork and natural talent in different mediums. She created a very innovative and unique new art form called PaletteArt™ using recycled paint. Now featured as a Modern Art Master & International Contemporary Master in magazines, books & exhibitions all over the world.   Her work hangs in private & museum collections next to the likes of Picasso, Renoir & Dali.  Her goal is to help other artist's establish careers using PaletteArt™ and recycling paint.

PaletteArt™ has gained international recognition through exhibitions, books & magazines. Lisa's CV includes Broken Boundaries Exhibition - NY, Modern Masters Art Book, Important World Artists Book, International Landfill Art Project, International Biennial Artists - Miami, World Wide Art Show Environmental Pavilion - LA, Art Expo NY, The Best Modern & Contemporary Artists - Edinburgh and an Unesco Cultural Heritage Award - Italy.

Artist Statement: “I am moved by the actions, history and events that shape mankind, by nature or anything that elevates the spirit. It translates into all this energy which I can express in a positive way through my artwork; I only hope it inspires the same passion, love and hope in others.”


Range of Works

Some examples of the talent Lisa has working with different mediums with in a surprising range of artworks. Prints and some originals are available on her website

  Portrait “ Portrait”

All I Ever Wanted
Chalk Pastel on canvas, 20” x 26”, 2011

Abstract  “Abstract ”

Birthday Bash
Palette Art Acrylic on Canvas, 20” x 16”, 2011

Horses “Horses”

Looking Back
Chalk pastel on paper, 14.5” x 11.5”, 1987

Landscape “Landscape”

Childhood Reflection
Watercolor on paper, 6” x 4”, 1997

Floral “Floral”

Gift of Friendship
Palette Art Acrylic on Canvas, 5’ x 2.5’, 2011

Sculpture “Sculpture”

Diggin Up the Past
Clay Sculpture on wooden base

Palette Art “Palette Art”

Diamonds & Frills
Palette Art Acrylic on Canvas, 11’ x 14’, 2011

Wall Carving “Wall Carving”

Struggle to be Free
Interior Design Plaster Wall Carving

Carving “Carving”

Maligne Storyteller
Antler carving hand stained with pigments

  Wildlife “ Wildlife”

Linx with Nature
Watercolor on handmade paper, 5" x 7", 2009

Mixed Medium “Mixed Medium”

PaletteArt Acrylic, this piece was done for charity turning old hub caps into art exhibiting internationally.

Wishing Bowl “Wishing Bowl”

Plastic Molded Bowl hand painted Palette Art Acrylic

PaletteArt Acrylic

PaletteArt is very three dimensional work, often raised a few inches free form off canvas. A culmination of abstract forms in both painting and sculpture never seen before. Made through a unique process developed by Lisa J Levasseur using 100% acrylic and recycled paints.

Oil'n Water “Oil'n Water”

PaletteArt Acrylic 30 x 18

Eye of the Storm “Eye of the Storm”

PaletteArt Acrylic 30 x 24

Mountains crumble to the Sea “Mountains crumble to the Sea”

PaletteArt Acrylic 20 x 16

Take Another Piece “Take Another Piece”

PaletteArt Acrylic 20 x 16

NY Bash “NY Bash”

PaletteArt Acrylic 20 x 16

Clown Fish “Clown Fish”

PaletteArt Acrylic 20 x 16

Bubblegum Alley “Bubblegum Alley”

PaletteArt Acrylic 48 x 24

Nature's Path “Nature's Path”

PaletteArt Acrylic 51 x 75

Grapes of Wrath “Grapes of Wrath”

PaletteArt Acrylic 60 x 84

Beneath the Surface “Beneath the Surface”

PaletteArt Acrylic 51 x 38

Bright Lights “Bright Lights”

PaletteArt Acrylic 24 x 16

Copper Moon “Copper Moon”

PaletteArt Acrylic 48 x 24