Liliana Stafford

Liliana Stafford

Location: Australia

Liliana Stafford grew up in a small village beneath the South Downs in Sussex,United Kingdoom, where her love of art and the natural world began.
Stafford's work is inspired by the collision of seen and unseen worlds, referencing simultaneously the natural world and layered human relations. She is fascinated by the unseen manifested physical:an invisible wind moving a visible leaf. Some of her works echo the stillness we find in the natural world while others consider the nature of life itself. In all her works these (seemingly opposing) concepts collide and dance, highlighting the existential complexity we all experience and attempt to grasp.


Less is more.

Sometimes less is more.

Still life “Still life”

Highly Commended South Perth emerging artist award.
When I am still then I see what is there. When the world is still then it sees me.

A vase without flowers “A vase without flowers”

Acrylic on gallery stretched canvas.
The flowers are gone but the thought is still there saying what cannot be said in words.

Under the hills hoist “Under the hills hoist”

Acrylic on gallery stretched canvas