Holly Warren

Holly Warren

Location: Italy

Holly Warren
Diana Beatrice Frances Warren (Holly) b.1966 currently living in Monza Italy
Contacts: hbfwarren@yahoo.com
Blog - http://hbfwarren.blogspot.it/
Video Sharing- https://vimeo.com/user38929797
I am a multimedia artist working with digital photography, painting, collage, 3D installations and video. I am currently working as an atelierista in an international school in Milan.
I use digital photography as a window onto reality and then reinterpret it by editing and adding my own vision of reality through painting. These techniques put together illustrate the coming together of my inner vision and the world around me. They meet in my collage pieces. Colour form and line are my guides; they provide dynamism and engage me in transmitting my view of life: Vibrant, energetic, fast and colourful. I work on making my subject matter come alive to the eyes of my viewers and engage them in sharing my humoristic attitude toward the environment. Influences in my art making are deeply rooted in working closely with two to eleven year old children. Their spontaneous, enthusiastic and experimental attitude are of great inspiration. In the adult world Alejandro Duran, Aurora Robson and Sonia Falcone inspire and influence my work.

Educational Qualifications/Experiences
Currently in the last year of Fine Art Degree (online) University of Hertfordshire &IDI
2018 Atelierista Specialized Study group with Reggio Children- Digital Landscapes
2017 Atelierista Specialized Study group with Reggio Children – Dialogues in the Atelier
2016 International study course in the Reggio Emilia approach - Reggio Children
2016 Modern Art and Ideas, Learning how to teach, Fundamentals of Graphic Design –Coursera.
2016 Reggio Children International study course in the Reggio Emilia approach Reggio
2014 Commenced BA in Fine Art through IDI now at level five
2002 Reggio Children International study course in the Reggio Emilia
1996 Special needs diploma at the London Montessori School
1991-1995Art therapy course at the Metamorphosis Steiner School, Milan
1991Diploma in Montessori education at the St. Nicholas College, London
1989-1990Brera Art College, level four and five.

Work Experience
2015- Full time Atelierita Artist at the St. Louis School, Milan, Italy.
1996 - to the present moment-Atelierista at St. Louis School, Milan, Italy.
2013- Workshop with Ron Gilad with Gabriele Salvatori on “Kids Designer Homes”
2012 - Collaboration with Deborah Hirsch on “Baby Isometrics”
1995-Art Therapy-Steiner Method, exploring the qualities of colour considering individual temperament and therapeutic influences of the latter on the soul.
1992-1996 Montessori teacher at Casa dei Bambini, Milan, Italy
1991 Montessori teacher at The Montessori School Kuala Lumpur Malesia
1992 - Archaeological Illustration of finds and architecture. London University.
First solo Exhibition
• Brainstorm Punto Arte Monza 2017
• 1st Unique Punto Arte Monza 2016

Site Specific Installations
• A gust of Hope ,2016, Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy
• Ring-a-Ring-a Stone 2015, Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy,
Atelierista Exhibitions at the St. Louis School, Milan, Italy
• Light Narratives- when a string of light comes alive.
• Tomorrow- children’s visions on the future 2017
• It’s a Feeling- Colour and Emotion 2016
• Banquet for Cambodia- Expo 2015
• Plasticity- Repurposing Plastic Bottles 2014
• Isometrics with Deborah Hirsch 2013
• Flower Power: button and zips meet flora. 2012
• The Elephant-land Art at the St. Louis 2011
• Taking a Line For A Walk 2010
• The Forest 2009
• Once Upon a String 2008
• Busy Town 2007
• Shine A Light on Ghana Lamp Project 2006
• Where the Wild Things Are 2005

On Line Group Show
• Flight Global Journeys seen through flight and migration. Collaborative BA Fine Art Group 2016
• Collaborative Video, Regeneration, BA Fine Art Group 2015
Art Competitions
• Luxemburg prize 2017
• Artavita 2016
• In Contemporanea Porcari 2016


water works

plastic bottles digital image and watercolour

Fool Tools “Fool Tools ”

Brush becomes curls of ribbon. ..fool tool.

Brushes and Bristles “Brushes and Bristles ”

Watercolour and coloured card on paper.

Blossoming Brains

Blossoming Brains. The beauty and complexity of the brain. When flowers and brain structure meet.