The Product Division

The Product Division is working collaborative formed by artists Red Cell and JC Gonzo. Operating under the Third Mind principle developed by William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin, the two form a third entity/ego from which their original work generates. As conceptual artists, they create multidisciplinary works in numerous fields, allowing the idea to determine the medium. The Product Division believes that the process is the product, and often shift the current consumerist conversation of art to more ephemeral experiences. They rarely perform a piece twice, with each multimedia performance uniquely crafted for that specific occasion. The Product Division recently completed a residency for the William S. Burroughs Estate in Lawrence, Kansas, and are currently working on Reportal, their subscriber-based publication documenting their art/lives that incorporates graphic art, music, video art, and mail art.



As a series of 23 works on canvas, BIAS is a study in tone, textures, and subtle variation using color fields and simple geometric angles to magnify the delicate differences between the paintings included. Believing art is process and play, The Product Division offer a unique approach and a discerning eye when making their singular, conceptual styled works.