Donna Mcgee

Donna McGee

Location: Ireland

The Irish landscape is my constant source of inspiration. I aim to capture the essence of this timeless beauty, both in traditional and abstract form. I invite others to see the world through my eyes and hopefully stimulate a sense of well-being and harmony.

I work mainly in oils because I love the vibrancy and depth of colour that can be achieved I use palette knives to create rich textures in impasto style which can result in a dynamic and raw energy.

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The spectacular seascapes of the West Coast of Ireland – The Wild Atlantic Way with its vast, rugged, untamed shores. This is where land and sea collide and the undulating waves beat a rhythm to the shore.

Galway Hooker “Galway Hooker”

The Galway hooker (Irish: húicéir) is a traditional fishing boat used in Galway Bay off the west coast of Ireland and is noted for its beautiful red sails

Between Earth and Sky “Between Earth and Sky”

Autumnal colours across the cloudy skies dancing reflections on the seashore - Irish skylines