Eyal Gefen

Eyal Gefen

Location: Israel

Eyal Gefen
Producer, director, actor, author, painter
Born in Yagur in 1950.
Served in the military entertainment corps.
Studied acting and directing at the university/Kibbutzim Seminar.
Acted for 15 years in a variety of theaters, including: HaBima, Cameri, Haifa and Beit Lessin and commercial theater.
Acted in 40 Israeli films and participated in dozens of television shows.
In 1981, he established Migvan Productions, a film production company that developed into a leading company in the market.
Currently the owner of Eyal Gefen Film Productions Ltd./"Pela ozen" guerilla marketing.
Eyal Gefen was involved in many marketing decisions and concepts, which became milestones in the Israeli advertising and marketing market.
To date, the Company has produced over 3,000 commercials.
Eyal Gefen has published 3 books (Friends' Friday/All Talk/Walking Man).
He has conducted 7 art exhibitions.
Tenured instructor at "Beit Zvi".
Mail address: eyalgf@zahav.net.il


Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan