Sweet Samson

Sweet Samson is artist and designer focused on abstract art, experiments with fiber weaves, fabrics and synthetic compounding materials.
Sweet Samson currently lives in Los Angeles, California.
Abstract art with application of distinctive and unique techniques, as Dynamic Carbon and Dynachromatic.


Dynamic Carbon Portfolio

Dynamic Carbon represents distinctive production technique of applying fiber weaves and fabrics as medium for creating artworks. Compounding layers of base materials with synthetic fillers, pigments and resins, as well as, preparing specific textures and surfaces open up whole world of creative possibilities and after years of experimenting Sweet Samson defined her style and aesthetic.

Coral Reef “Coral Reef”

Coral Reef was inspired by travel to Cancun and diving session when orange reefs nicely blended with blueness of skies and sea water.
It is example of pure Dynamic Carbon technique.

On the Edge “On the Edge”

Acrylic paint and carbon fiber fabrics.

Leafs “Leafs”

Minimalistic square.