Roberto O. Portillo Georgge "georgge"

Roberto O. Portillo Georgge "GEORGGE"

Location: Mexico

ROBERTO O. PORTILLO GEORGGE won the First Prize of creativity in 2015, getting the Medal of Merit in the XIII International Art Fair of Buenos Aires, Argentina; wins the Second Prize on Mixed Media at the 2nd International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Argentina 2014, and Third Prize on the Acrilic Paint category, in the International Contest "Una Pincelada a tu Corazón 2013" organized by the FMC, México. He also received the First Prize on Visual Arts on the category of drawing, of the Chezz Festival of Mexico City 2006.

Lately participated in The 6th Beijing International Art Biennale China 2015, Mini Print International Cadaqués Barcelona 2015 and in the IX The New Florence Art Biennale 2013.

Born in 1983 in Mexico City, from an early age he took classes in the workshop founded by his grandmother; he studied at the National Institute of Fine Arts and made workshops with Sebastian and Jazzamoart.

With more than 70 exhibitions, he has been part of artistic groups, nominated in Awards, participated in International Biennials and is currently part of the Mexican Society of Authors of Fine Arts “ SOMAAP ”, working as liaison and spreading the value of copyright.

His work has a realist style and plunges into compositions that connect the everyday world with the oneiric.
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The use of mixed techniques on different bases such as linen, canvas, jeans or chipboard, among others recreate common images to unify thoroughly both creativity and expression, leading to an environment which can be blend together with experiences, dreams, history and mythology. Beauty is left next to decay as a constant opposition, leading the individual to seek a hidden meaning in simple details.

Melancolía Dual “Melancolía Dual”

Acrilic on canvas
70 x 90 cms.

Atrapada “Atrapada”

Mixed Media
122 x 122 cms.

Fulgor Interno “Fulgor Interno”

Acrilic on wood
122 x 122 cms.

Paz y Desconsuelo “Paz y Desconsuelo”

Acrilic on wood
122 x 122 cms.

La verdad de un Géminis “La verdad de un Géminis”

Acrilic on wood
180 x 180 cms.