Mitsue Kono

Mitsue Kono

Location: Germany

MITSUE KONO was born into a traditional japanese Samurai family, of Yokohama Kanagawa. She grew up with different traditional japanese artistry and found her own way to express the far eastern goods of her ancestors in combination with an european kind of expression.

At a very young age she started to write poems and was later on during her 20ies, working in the music industry in songwriting and executive production. In her 30ies, she published her poem work under the titel "secret diary".

As a painter her artistical way led through the japanese calligraphy, far eastern buddhism imagery and further on to the illustration art for children up to abstract art and the harmony of colour matching. Art experts describe her art work as Zen Art, which enriches the spirit of the time.

She herself calles each of her painting a prayer where her soul spreads out colours as a unique language.


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